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13 Reasons: Why are Women Wearing Yoga Pants Everyday and You Should Too

Why-are-Women-Wearing-Yoga-Pants-EverydayAthleisure (ie. wearing workout clothing or yoga pants outside of the gym or studio) is no longer a trend: it’s a lifestyle here to stay. Celebrities and models wear them off-set and us regular folk wear them to the grocery store, brunch, sneak them into our work outfit (gasp!) and just about everywhere else. So why are yoga pants so popular? Read on my list of 13 reasons to find out!

1. They are super comfy

Probably the number one reason and it’s no wonder. Also there are:

  • No loose or missing buttons;
  • No laces;
  • No zippers catching on those delicate fabrics and destroying your tops;
  • And after coming late from some awesome party, you can directly hit the sack and get your beauty sleep.

And unlike summer shorts, you can wear yoga pants all year round! Simply have a pair of yoga capris in the summer and wear your long yoga pants during the fall, winter and spring.

And yeah, go ahead, I dare you to wear those long animal print yoga pants in the summer too. I know you want to!

2. They are the new “jeans”

Yoga pants replaced denim.


Yoga pants are also a step-up to sweatpants so you can stay looking put-together with minimum effort on those “blah” days or when you are out at the grocery store fetching milk.

3. They make you look good

Yoga pants work like a push-up bra: they support and give a natural lift and shape to your rear end (even if you have a flat bum)hot-women-wearing-yoga-pants and they hug your hips. Unless you’re wearing pants that are too small, there’s no need to worry about your camel toe showing.

4. Lifesavers when you feel “fat”

Whether it’s that time of the month or you gave in to your cravings, yoga pants are here to save the day to mask your bloating problem. Get a pair of high-waisted yoga pants or simply rock a long shirt over the pair you are wearing to never feel constricted again! God bless stretch fabric!

5. You’ll save time dressing

Imagine you are at home, cooking, studying, doing whatever and you realize you got 20 minutes to get to your next class, late brunch, or work. We’ve all been there (I sure have!).  Well, if you are wearing yoga pants, you don’t ever have to worry about getting dressed as yoga pants go with everything! It will save you both time and stress!

Here are the steps:

  • Throw on a trendy long shirt (or blouse);
  • Bring out those trendy boots;
  • You’re good to go!

6. Perfect for travelling

The last thing you want to get after flying a long overnight flight is a blood clot and to avoid that happening you need to wear comfortable, loose clothing. Yoga pants fit the bill perfectly to keep your blood circulation flowing.

Depending the pair, you may also have a secret pocket where you can be discreet and stash your emergency tampon or credit card.

Oh and I almost forgot: you’ll still look cute even when you land and need to be somewhere.  Simply store a change of shirt in your carry-on and voila! Time for business or adventure!

7. There are awesome styles and patterns for every budget

Interested in rocking this pair? Click on the image to get it on Amazon.

There are so many colours, fabrics, cuts and designs to die for!  Share and subscribe to my newsletter for features and reviews about the trendiest yoga pants for the studio, gym, work, and fun.

8. Yoga Pants take up small space in your closet … All the more reason to get more pairs!!!

Need I say more?

9. Dress in style for a night out

For a night on the town with your besties and girlfriends, you can be sure to be looking glam and fabulous with yoga pants. And in the winter,  who wants to be freezing in the cold in a mini skirt! Not me in the least.

10. Your secret weapon to get a date

Face it, as superficial as this sounds we women can’t change this: the first thing men notice about us is how we look.

Because we know yoga pants flatter us physically, when we wear them we feel confident and good about ourselves. This same confidence is what can get us more dates.

And yeah – those notorious sheer see-through yoga pants are quite a tease

11. High Social Status

According to the  Harvard Business School Study, when you deliberately choose to wear yoga pants in professional settings (like a luxury store), others may perceive you as having high social status. Rebelling to show off uniqueness and the need to challenge authority are linked with leadership, competence, and confidence and others may be intrigued by this.

12. You will exercise more

If you want to maintain or improve your body, wearing yoga pants everyday will motivate you to get more exercise. As you see all the changes happening to your body as you reach your fitness goals, the yoga pants will make you look even better. And yoga pants like this pair for the gym are perfect for working out due to their stretch, flexibility and moisture-wicking properties. You’ll be sure to get no chafing.

13. You will do yoga more

Please don’t be one of those gals who wear yoga pants all the time but have never set foot in a yoga class.

If you wear yoga pants and you are that gal, then I urge you to go sign up for a class like … right now.

If you have absolutely no clue about yoga and don’t know which class to take, then check out my article “What are the Different Types of Yoga”. When you find the right class for you, I guarantee that you won’t be looking back.

And if you already practice yoga, then wearing yoga pants everyday will remind you of your passionate love of yoga everyday. <3

Seriously, is there anything yoga pants can’t do??

To recap:

Yoga pants are the best because:

  1. They are super comfy
  2. They are replacing jeans (or should I say, they already have)
  3. They flatter your rear-end
  4. They are lifesavers when you feel “fat”
  5. Time-savers when dressing
  6. A must-have for travelling via planes
  7. An endless choice of styles, patterns, prints
  8. Take up little room in your closet
  9. Perfect bottom for a night out at the club
  10. Will get you asked out on dates
  11. Earn you high social status
  12. Motivate you to exercise more
  13. Motivate you to practice yoga more

Do you know any other good reasons? Let me know in a comment below!

PS: I respond to all comments.



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  1. Matt Matt

    I was waiting for #10. As a guy I love yoga pants – Probably even more than women do. I think both sides win in this case!

    • Ha ha ha. I’m happy to hear that Matt. Yoga pants are just too hot! 😉

  2. Trevor Moy Trevor Moy

    Love the info and love women in yoga pants, damn sexy! Can’t see myself in a pair though. (being male) Good for women with the confidence to wear them. And who cares what anyone elses says right?

    • EXACTLY Trevor! You got all of that right!

      As for you, there are always speedos he he he…

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