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30 Ways How to Reuse Your Old Yoga Mat

Although they can’t do yoga, Kitty cats sure LOVE yoga mats!

With many people taking up yoga these days (which is awesome) there are also lots of yoga mats in landfills (which is NOT so awesome).

Brands like Manduka are aware how many cheap crappy yoga mats deteriorate fast and contribute to waste and thankfully they caught on to this early on in 1997 when they designed the PRO and PROlite mats—to last you a lifetime so you never need to replace your yoga mat ever again.

But before you upgrade and toss your old yoga mat did you know that you can actually repurpose and give it a new life? Check out my list below for 30 ways how you can reuse your old yoga mat!

Practical Uses

  1. Donate your yoga mat to an animal shelter (mats are used in cages)
  2. Donate your yoga mat to a nursing home so that seniors don’t slip when getting out of bed
  3. Put it under your cat’s litter box to keep the area clean and for easier clean up for litter spills
  4. Use it a base for kids to do their messy arts and crafts project on for easier clean up
  5. Use it instead of bubble wrap to ship packages via snail mail
  6. Create a wristpad and a mouse pad 
  7. Bring it to the beach instead of your regular old beach towel
  8. Keep it in your car’s trunk to stop groceries from sliding around; for a spur-of-the-moment picnic; as a seat cover for those hard uncomfortable bleachers when cheering on your kid at their soccer game
  9. For soundproofing your room when playing piano or other instruments. Just put it up against the wall behind you
  10. When transporting your dog to the vet, roll the mat on the backseat to prevent scratches on the seats
  11. Use it as an extra sleeping mat for camping or for extra padding under an air mattress
  12. Put it under your home exercise equipment to protect your floors from scratching and sweat. If you live on the top floor of an apartment your downstairs neighbors will also thank you for it
  13. Roll out the mat in front of your dryer in the laundry room so that the clothes you accidentally drop stay clean
  14. Use it by the pool to keep your feet clean free from grass and burning your feet from the hot cement

Old Yoga Mat DIY Projects

  1. Turn them into shelf-liners in your cabinets and drawers
  2. Use them as jar openers (not sure if this works but it’s worth a try)
  3. Make your own coasters 
  4. Create your own doormat for your home or when camping. You can be creative and spray paint them with a message
  5. Use it under your drying rack for the dishes that are air drying
  6. Create a  seat cushion for your kitchen chairs
  7. Use them as foot pads under chairs and other furniture to stop them from scratching floors
  8. Use it as bulletin board or as your base for your vision board
  9. Use it as a liner under your house plants
  10. Create knee pads for gardening (or simply use the mat when gardening)
  11. Plug up drafty places to save energy in your home
  12. Create kid’s toys, masks, and costumes. You can even make stamps with the mat (just remember to use non-toxic paint)
  13. Create your own DIY laptop and tablet case
  14. Make fun Christmas tree ornaments using holiday cookie cutters to cut out the shape
  15. Line the bottom of your trash can
  16. Last but not least recycle your yoga mat! Don’t throw it to the trash! Most yoga mats made from rubber, plastic, PVC and latex so they are recyclable

I hope you liked my compiled list on how you you can repurpose your yoga mat and that it gave you some ideas.

=>If you’re in the market for a new mat, check out my reviews on the new Manduka X yoga mat, and the PRO and PROlite mats<=

How will you recycle your yoga mat? Do you have any ideas that I missed?

Leave a comment or question below.

PS: I respond to all comments.

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  1. B B

    What a great list!! Thank you for sharing your ideas for a better use of my old yoga mat. It just stands behind my desk and I’m sure it could be of a better use to somebody else. I have a few friends with cats that might need it actually.

    Thanks again

    • At least you didn’t throw away the mat to the garbage! I’m sure the cats will love it just like the kitty in the picture in this post. 🙂

  2. Jay Ong Jay Ong

    I recently just bought a LuluLemon yoga mat and I was thinking what should I do on my old mat that I’ve used for years. I just left it on the side for as a cushion for my weights. Looks like I can re-purpose it to something more useful. Thanks for the brilliant idea.

    • You’re welcome. That’s awesome! How are you enjoying your Lulelemon mat? I will be posting reviews on Lululemon yoga mats in the next few weeks actually.

  3. Kevin McNamara Kevin McNamara

    Hi Vanessa,

    Great idea for a post. I had never given a thought to what you could do with an old yoga mat. I love my yoga and havehad a mat for quite some time and it’s probably on the way out so I will read these again and see what I can do with it.

    I love the idea of donating it to an aged care home to help the elderly and using it as a mouse pad. Really the list is endless. One I thought of was putting it under your mats in the car for a nice soft ride.

    Great post!


    • It was quite the task to choose 30 ideas for this post as you are right that the list is endless! I admit that I have thrown out my previous yoga mat 2 years ago and I wish that I had done the research on how to repurpose it then. I probably would have donated it to an animal shelter.

  4. sandra sandra

    That is so creative! I love all your uses for old yoga mats–I never would have thought to donate them to an animal shelter. I have an old yoga mat I carry around in the car (only because I don’t know what to do with it and don’t want to throw it away). Now you gave me many things I can use it for. Thanks

    • That’s great to hear Sandra. I don’t think animal shelters can ever receive too much old yoga mats.

  5. These are certainly very good ideas as to how to repurpose yoga mats, or any kind of exercise mat. I’ll keep these in mind.

    Thanks for all your helpful ideas.

    • You’re welcome Lolita. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Cindy Cindy

    Hi Vanessa, I so happen to have an old yoga mat rolled up in a corner which I have yet to know what to do with (apart from throwing it away). The DIY section sure gives me some ideas to start with! Thank you for your post.

    • You’re welcome. I’m glad people are getting lots of ideas from this post. What yoga mat are you currently using?

  7. Matthew Owen Matthew Owen

    Some excellent ideas for re-using your yoga mats and some I never even thought of. It saves me throwing mine out as that was what I was going to do later in the week. Thanks for this 🙂

    • You’re welcome Matthew. How will you be re-using your yoga mat?

  8. Penny Penny

    What a creative post! There are so many ways you can re-use a non-slip foam, I had no idea. I think I like the idea of donating them to the animal shelter the best. Anything to make life more comfortable for the little darlings.

  9. Baukje Baukje

    WOW! Awesome ideas…truly awesome! I have a stockpile of old yoga mats out of guilt for not wanting to throw them out, but now I can take your ideas and bring them to life. Thanks for another great article, I look forward to reading more.

    • Thank you! I’m so happy that these posts provide value to you! 🙂

  10. KC KC

    Old yoga mats make great padding for my kayak to sit on in my truck. I buy as many as I can at garage sales to use as padding when hauling items in my truck.

    I also use them as rail padding to prevent damaging my fishing rods when bridge fishing. I also have a couple in case you get stuck in sand or mud. They’re great to put under coolers in the boat or truck to prevent sliding as well as under sleeping bags. Oh yeah—you can use ’em for yoga too…if you’re into that sort of thing. 🙂

    • Those are really awesome ideas! And seriously you never did YOGA!? How did you get the idea to use yoga mats for so many things?

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