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Be Confident With The Fabletics Demi Lovato Capsule Collection

Demi is sure looking fierce in these Charissa Mesh Leggings!

What happens when Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato accidentally meet at a hotel gym? They become friends and they collaborate to create an exciting top of line new Fabletics collection.

Fabletics is a subscription based fitness apparel program. While most people sign up for monthly plan as it comes out as a better deal,  you can also purchase the outfits a la carte so you have no obligations to stick with the monthly plan.

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Demi is a gym rat where she works out 6 times a week doing Mixed Martial Arts fighting, and weight training, conditioning, and strengthening exercises to feel better and stronger. Also she was already a big Fabletics fan before the collaboration and actually owns lots of outfits from the brand. So it was only natural that she and Kate clicked and they both created what you see below.

The Demi Lovato Capsule collection’s campaign is all about female empowerment and body positivity which Demi values and sings a lot about in her music and fans know her for.

Slogans like “Confident”, “Unbroken” and “I Don’t Give A…” are embroidered on tops and leggings so you too can join and spread the movement of female empowerment and body positivity when exercising and in your everyday life. Demi really wanted the outfits in her line to make you feel strong, comfortable and fearless when wearing them as she knows that what you wear influences how you feel.

Unlike most celebrity endorsements and collaborations where companies simply slap on celeb names into the product without their actual participation, Demi herself was heavily involved in the process of designing this collaboration.

Some outfits were a variation on existing Fabletics models while others where designed from scratch. While other celebs clothing lines and collab offer limited sizing, the Fabletics Demi Lovato collection caters to all shapes and sizes so each piece is available from XXS to 3X.

Once the samples were made, Demi tested each piece personally at the gym, at the ring where she practices her MMA fighting and on the road to ensure that all  pieces are comfortable, offer support and have the same high quality performance features that the Fabletics line is famous for.

In case you are wondering what Demi’s favorite pieces are the “[…] Tansy Tank because it’s a great staple, the Lisette high-waisted leggings (in all three prints), and the Camille tank with “Confident” printed at the hem.” Check them out here

Uniting Women Together

Demi Lovato really walks the talk when she says that she is all about women and girls supporting one another to become a better and stronger version of themselves.  

In fact a portion of proceeds from the Fabletics Demi Lovato collection will go to the United Nations Girl Up initiative, specifically to their SchoolCycle program, which provides bikes, parts and maintenance training to underprivileged girls so that they can go safely and quickly to school and continue their education.

You Want More?

Can’t get enough of this collection and you want more? Well here’s a spoiler! In August 2017 there will be another Demi Lovato collection which will extend to more bras, leggings, tops and jackets with an exciting new look, which of course I will be posting about in my blog once it’s released.

In the meantime, Fabletics is currently offering a great deal of 2 outfits for 24$ when you sign up to become a VIP member. If you want to read my Fabletics review for more information about their program then check it out here. 

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What do you think of celebrity collaborations like these? Do you think that the clothes Demi designed represent what she stands for?

Leave a comment or question below.

PS: I respond to all comments.

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  1. Manika- Nia Dixon Manika- Nia Dixon

    Omg I love this! And your post. Thanks so much! I had not heard of this line before today but funnily enough I was just telling my partner how I wanted some new gym/yoga clothes, and then I run into your post! Made my day, thanks again!

    • You’re welcome. Is there anything that caught your eye in particular?

  2. Caroline Sabourin Caroline Sabourin

    Great article Vanessa. I especially like the fact that a portion of the proceeds go to the UN’s Girl Up program. It puts her money where her mouth is, something you don’t see often unfortunately. I also like that these clothes are in such a wide variety of sizes…..not all of us are size zero and we all want to look good!!

    • I really like how brands that produce yoga clothing want to give back to the world and make an impact. That’s what yoga is about: spreading love, awareness, peace and positivity to create a harmonious world (and so much more). If more celebrities speak out about important issues positive change will keep happening as there are so many fans who look up to them and will be influenced by them. Like you said, it’s wonderful that Demi is walking the talk.

  3. Melissa Melissa

    Wow this is great! I love the Fabletics line, Kate is so pretty. I think Demi fits in perfectly with Fabletics and I like her style. The extension in August sounds amazing, I can’t wait to see the new products. Thanks for this great detailed article, I was not aware of this before.

    • You’re welcome Melissa and thanks for stopping by.

  4. Elizabeth Elizabeth

    I heard of Fabletics but this is the first time I heard about the collaboration with Demi Lovato. She is a badass and looked at the collection and love the colors, prints and silhouettes. Too bad they don’t come in petite, but I am sure I can get a top. Great review on Fabletics as well, not one sided. I will look into this as I like to mix up my fitness wardrobe. Thanks again!

  5. lilywong lilywong

    Love this topic. I have never heard of Fabletics so thanks for introducing this. I am excited to check it out now. The clothing looks great, and to infuse Lovato’s inspirations into them – it makes the collection even more meaningful. What’s Kate Hudson’s role in this? Would love to know more!

  6. Alicia Alicia

    Absolutely love Demi’s Fabletics collection! So stylish and looks comfortable. The wording that she has chosen to put on her clothesline are spot on, feeling positive is so powerful. Additionally, I’m delighted to know that a portion of the proceeds goes towards a great cause, which encourages empowerment and independence in women – good stuff! Will definitely check out her collection when I’m looking for new gym clothes. Thanks for the post! 🙂

    • Vanessa Vanessa

      Thank you for this awesome comment! I’m so happy that you enjoyed this post and feature. 🙂

  7. Penny Penny

    Very cool. I like the supportive and empowering messages. I mean, if you’re gonna be a serious gym rat, you need to take motivation wherever you can find it and I love that these are specific to women’s insecurities and fears. Thanks for cluing me in to something new!

    • The “I don’t give a …” is too much for me since I’m not into insinuating profanities as a means of empowerment, but other than that the messages are great.

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