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Clarity Amid Chaos – Manduka Fall 2017 Collection

manduka-fall-2017-collectionThe days are getting shorter, the weather is more grey and chilly, and we’re trading our sandals and summer dresses for trendy boots and cozy warm jackets and scarves. You’re back at work or school and you’re busy and perhaps even overwhelmed. I get it. And so does Manduka.

Manduka launched their new apparel and yoga gear for Fall 2017. Manduka describes their latest collection in the following words:

” The world is happening before our eyes, in our ears and racing through our minds. Our newest collection is inspired by the moments of escape that only yoga can provide.  

To the moments where we find Clarity Amid Chaos. “

Now that’s intense and beautifully said. Yoga definitely is a temporary otherworldly escape from our fast-paced busy lives.

Looking at this collection you’ll see lots of burgundy, greys, blacks and some outfits in army green too!

The burgundy pieces are especially striking and they look so fierce, but you’ll also find some more casual and laidback outfits which you can wear outside of yoga without looking out of place. It’s the perfect athleisure gear. I don’t know how Manduka does it every–single–time!

Here’s a sneak peak of this collection. Be sure to let me know your thoughts on it by leaving a comment!

Twist Back Tee (in Olivine) paired with the High Line Legging (in Digital Floral)
Cross Strap Bra (in Adaptation Print) paired with the Corset Crop (in Ruby) Leggings
Resolution Crew Top (in Black) paired with the Corset Crop (in Ruby) Leggings
Left: Resolution Cardigan in Black / Right: Resolution Cardigan in Grey
Left: Pintuck Bra (in Taupe Sheen) paired with the Radiant Leggings (in Black Sheen) / Right: Pintuck Bra (in Lavender Sheen) paired with the Radiant Leggings (in Olivine Heather)
manduka-perfect-bralette- ruby
Perfect Bralette (in Ruby) paired with the Essential Leggings (in Black)
manduka-perfect-bralette- black-sheen
Perfect Bralette (in Black Sheen) paired with the Essential Leggings (in Adaptation Print)
Top: Illusionist Bra (in Black) paired with the Linea Shorts (in Digital Floral) / Bottom: Enlight Relaxed Tee (in Lavender) paired with the Linea Shorts (in Digital Floral)
manduka-libertine-bralette-olivine heather
Libertine Bralette (in Olivine Heather) paired with the High Line Leggings (in Olivine Heather)
Illusionist Bra (in Ruby) paired with the Racer Leggings (in Ruby)

Fall 2017 Yogitoes Collection

Left to Right: Yogitoes in Valor; Grace; Clarity in Chaos; Rhythm

Where to Purchase Manduka’s Clarity Amid Chaos Collection

To see the entire Clarity Amid Chaos Line check it out at

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What do you think of this collection? Does the concept fit with Manduka’s inspiration?

Leave a comment or question below.

PS: I respond to all comments.

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  1. olina olina

    Great collection! I definitely would like to enjoy yoga sessions and feel comfortable enough to stop by a grocery store, do other chores or stop for lunch with friends, not worrying much about appearance. This yoga clothing looks very fashionable and comfortable. I feel that I can wear this type of clothing in non-athletic settings comfortably. Thanks for posting!

    • Thanks for commenting Olina. I agree with you. I especially love the burgundy pieces and the clothes in army green. I find that a lot of yoga clothing is usually very bright and zen and this collection has an edge to it. My favorite outfit is the Illusionist Bra (in Ruby) paired with the Racer Leggings (in Ruby) as for me it evokes having power amid chaos which is something that I strive to rise above and apply in my life.

      Hmm some pieces are actually kind of similar to Demi Lovato’s Fall Collection.

  2. Kyoko Kyoko

    Awww all of them are absolutely gorgeous! I had seen the twist back tee online a few times when I was looking for new yoga gear, and I fell in love with it immediately! I love that olive color, and the material looks really comfortable, and it seems to be perfect to continue wearing after yoga practice. I also like the idea of it being reversible (front and back), and both ways look very elegant.

    I also like the cross strap bra. With my current tops (tank tops), some poses make my shoulders hurt and heavy. Do you think this type of strap would avoid such discomfort?

    • Manduka’s yoga apparel are known as being top of the line in the market (the founders are yogis themselves) and created to allow total freedom of movement and comfort during your practice. It says on their site that the “the supportive criss-cross straps encourage hours of inversion play” so I’m betting you won’t have any issues. Also you won’t have your tank tops straps slipping down your shoulders because the straps are in criss-cross.

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