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Girl Up This Fall With Demi Lovato’s Fabletics Capsule Collection

demi-lovato-fabletics-girl-upDemi Lovato is back again with her highly anticipated athleisure collection with Fabletics —just  in time for fall so if you’re in the need for some new trendy workout gear now is the time to get it.

This exclusive limited edition 12-outfit performance collection is different from her first capsule collection released this past May (and which you can read about in my post “Be Confident With The Fabletics Demi Lovato Capsule Collection”).

How Does This Collection Differ From Demi’s First One?

While female empowerment and body positivity is still a prevalent theme as Demi fully stands behind these values, you won’t find any mantras and slogans written on the clothes nor bright lime green and coral colors like in her first collection.

As this collection sets the mood for fall, the pieces are in a black, dark blue, magenta and white color scheme in all sorts of textures, patterns and even mesh! There are also pants and shorts that have an elastic band that wraps around the waist for a flattering, edgy look.

This exclusive 12-piece collection consists of separate jackets, bras, tops, layering pieces, leggings with contouring waist straps and paint splatter camo and vibrant heather prints available from sizes XXS to 3X.


Filling A Hole in Today’s Yoga Wear Market

When Demi travels her bag consists of 70% of workout clothes. Passionate about fitness and health, she literally lives in workout gear on a daily basis. She works out 6 days a week doing weight training and martial arts and feels most comfortable wearing trendy athleisure wear.

Demi’s inspiration in this collection is actually her personal chic and edgy style taken from the stage, home and  gym.  However she found there was something missing in the yoga wear market which she wanted to address.

In an interview with she says: “I had seen a lot of yoga wear and lots of yoga pants and those tend to be lighter colors and kind of the more zen. I wanted something a bit edgier and younger, something I would want to wear every day.

She hopes that everyone who wears her pieces will feel just as empowered as she does when wearing them. She designed every piece with every shape and size and activity in mind. That being said, for those wondering what her favorites piece are she says they’re “the criss-cross bra, the zip-up hoodies and I love the bright pink”.


Who is This Collection For?

  • Those who like looking good at the gym and yoga, and perform better knowing this
  • Those who want pieces that are edgier than traditional yoga wear
  • Those who stand for female empowerment and body positivity
  • Those who are looking for functional and layering pieces which can be mixed and matched without looking mismatched
  • Those looking for trendy yet affordable yoga clothes
  • Those who want to support a brand that gives back to communities

    A portion of proceeds from Demi Lovato’s Fall collection goes towards Girl Up, a United Nations campaign— specifically the school cycle initiative which provides underprivileged girls with bikes, spare parts, and maintenance training to get to school safely and so that they can become more independent to create a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.  


It’s Not Over Yet!

Now get this, Demi is working on a THIRD collection with Fabletics. As soon as I get more info on this I will feature it in my blog. Spoiler alert: there’s going to be some rose gold (my favorite color!)


When and Where Can I Get Demi Lovato’s Fall Capsule Collection?

=>The collection is available now and you can get it by signing up for your free account with Fabletics here.<=

=> For more info about Fabletics and how it works, check out my post here<=


What do you think of Demi Lovato’s comeback with Fabletics? What do you think of celebrity collaborations with brands?

Leave a comment or question below.

PS: I respond to all comments.

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  1. Craig Craig

    My wife has been asking me to get her some new gym clothes recently, this looks like just the right set! It is cute, but it also looks very functional. Thanks for the great rundown and all the information!

    • Thanks for stopping by Craig. I think the clothes are more sexy than cute and I’m glad you also like them. I’m sure your wife will look great!

  2. Danielle Danielle

    Wow I’m totally going too share this with my yoga and zumba friends. Sharing on fb now!

    • Thank you! I appreciate the share very much!

  3. paul paul

    Hey Vanessa,

    I just showed the wife these clothes as she does yoga and she likes the look of them. I guess with her birthday coming soon, that’s my present sorted.

    Thank you so much for making this year be an easy one ! lol
    I really like your site


    • Thanks Paul. Birthday presents can get complicated and I do think it’s best to get people what they really want. Out of curiosity, would you mind sharing which outfit she selected?

  4. Excelle Excelle

    Amazing! Demi now has a second edition and a third on the way with Fabletics. She’s really determined to change the face of yoga and yogi fashion. I really like the magenta complete gear, not too bright and not too dull and it sure looks like it will fit nicely. I’m not too keen on dull colours.

    I bought a yoga mat and tried a couple of moves and stretches while watching youtube clips, really enjoyed it and with Demi’s collection now out, it’s about time get yogified:)

    • “Time to get yogified” lol. I think you just created a whole new trend. Can I steal this word? 😉

      Yeah I was really impressed that Demi took a look at today’s yogi fashion and saw a hole in the market. While I avoid wearing black these days, I can’t help but drool over the Trainer outfit.

      • Excelle Excelle

        Yeah of course you can steal the word …lol
        We need to use the ”yogified” term more often Vanessa.

        I just looked at the Trainer outfit you talked about and I am loving the trendy style, the top is on point. I like the crix crux design of the bottom.

        Thanks for this post.

      • You’re very welcome. 😉

        I can’t wait to see what Demi has in store for us in her next Fabletics collection!

  5. Kyoko Kyoko

    Wow, these collections are absolutely beautiful! I love looking stylish and cool while working out to maintain my fitness. Cool outfits make me feel empowered, and that feeling affects my workout and Yoga practices amazingly!

    • The same goes for me too. 🙂

  6. Helen Helen

    The collection looks great and you really put the post together really well.

    • Thank you. I’m glad you like it.

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