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Getting Hot and Sweaty With Manduka’s Hot Yoga Collection

Manduka-Hot-Yoga-CollectionHey everyone! How’s it going? I’ve taken a hiatus, but now I’m back and ready to keep you up to date with a release from Manduka and their Hot Yoga Collection. Since my last post was all about Hot Yoga, I thought it would be neat (and so relevant!) to feature this particular collection.

Without Further Ado Here’s Manduka’s Hot Yoga Collection!

With its “Made For Sweat” tagline, you can be sure that the apparel designed for this collection will keep you cool and comfortable even during your hottest and sweatiest Hot Yoga class!

Yup, I’ve been waiting for this collection for a while since I’m a big fan of Hot Yoga.

If you also love Hot Yoga, then this is one collection that you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

Overview of The Manduka Hot Yoga Collection 

When browsing the collection, the highlight for me is the  Hot Yoga Uni.

I so need it. Like right now.

I really want to get it because well —just look at the model wearing it! The bodysuit looks trendy yet isn’t too flashy, and while the fabric is stretchable, it also hugs your curves so nicely. The crossed bra straps also got me sold on this because I can’t stand straps that keep moving around and falling off my shoulders during a Hot Yoga class.

Must-Have Hot Yoga Clothes for Women: Presenting Manduka’s Hot Yoga Uni in Black!


The Accessories

Moving on, you’ll also find water bottles and sustainable yoga blocks in this collection.

If you haven’t used a yoga block in your practice then you must try it! I used to think yoga blocks were a gimmick until I tried them out. They really do help with proper alignment, flexibility, and support. What’s special about Manduka’s cork yoga block is that it’s firmer than the usual foam yoga blocks that are on the market and guess what? It’s also toxin-free.

The one and only Manduka cork yoga block

Oh and of course with every new Manduka collection come along a bunch of new Yogitoes yoga mat towels which are, in my opinion, the best yoga mat towels ever! In this collection, there are also new colors of the eQua hand yoga towel.

Presenting the new Yogitoes yoga mat towels!
The eQua yoga hand towels are usually in one solid color, but these are in a dye style.

The Best For Last!

But the one item that stands out the most is Manduka’s release of a brand new yoga mat that’s specifically designed for Hot Yoga! And just look at it right below! Aren’t these so beautiful?

This new series of Manduka mats are called the eQua Hot Yoga Mat and unlike with the Manduka PRO, PROlite, and Manduka X yoga mats, this new line of Hot Yoga mats are exclusively printed with beautiful designs and colors.

Whoa! Summer is already here apparently! These designs of the new eQua Hot Yoga mat really have that summery tropical vibe to them!

Wanna See More?

=>You can browse and check out Manduka’s Made For Sweat Hot Yoga Collection by clicking on this link here. <=

=>Also, use my exclusive coupon 25OFF100 to save $25 off orders $100 and get free shipping.

You can also pick up some Manduka stuff over at YogaOutlet



Will you be picking anything up? Let me know in the comments below. 

P.S. I respond to all comments. 

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