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It’s Party Time in Yogi Style With Soul Pose Yoga

soul-pose-yogaSoul Pose Yoga is the latest and perhaps one of the most unique events in the yoga world right now. Also known as “The Happiest Yoga on The Planet”, Soul Pose is founded by the creators of the The Color Run, a paint race where you’re drenched in all the colors of the rainbow by the time you reach the finish line.

What Can We Expect From Soul Pose Yoga?  

Following the tradition of The Color Run, what you can expect from this event is lots fun!  Soul Pose Yoga is a huge, interactive, blacklight party celebrating yoga, togetherness, and living life to the fullest!

I was fortunate to attend the first ever Soul Pose event held in Canada in the city of Montreal on Sunday Nov. 20 with my sister. Although she isn’t into yoga, my sister was a former participant in The Color Run. When she saw the short video of the event, she was just as excited as me and purchased her ticket immediately.

The Blacklight Soul Pose Yoga Pre-Party

I’m not at all surprised that all the sessions that weekend in Montreal were sold-out. If you watched the short clip then you know why.

When we arrived at the venue early Sunday morning, the check-in process already started and there was a lot people waiting outdoors. For some reason, I didn’t expect that many people to show up before 8:00 am on a cold, rainy Sunday morning. But they did and you can feel the excitement and enthusiasm all around.

Once we got inside and got to coat-check, we went to pick up the goodies that were included in our registration.

The stuff we got for the Soul Pose Yoga session was:

  • The Namaste entrance bracelet
  • A Soul Pose yoga mat (don’t expect anything high-end— it started to shred as soon as my fingernails dug into it)
  • A microfiber Soul Pose yoga hand towel (good to keep my grip on the mat and stop my hands from slipping)
  • Soul Pose LED bracelet (which was supposedly pre-programmed to follow with the teacher’s routine)
  • Confetti
  • Glow pens (to color the yoga mat with)

After we got the goodies, it was time for the best part: the time to really get inspired and unleash all our creativity in body painting! Although it was very crowded inside the venue at this point, my sis and I managed to grab a couple of neon body paint markers and we created our works of art on our arms and hands.

I’m telling you, it was so stunning to see all the tribal and floral designs painted on everyone! Once the war paint was applied we checked out the sponsor and vendor booths, mingled with people, and of course took lots of pictures.

Our goodies for participating!

The Soul Pose Yoga Experience

Once we entered the main room where the yoga session was going to take place, we were greeted with blacklights. It was a really incredible sight. It felt like we were in some hip nightclub or in some virtual reality game.

Shortly after we settled and listened to the introduction presentation, the yoga instructor came on the podium and started our session off by asking us to write our intention with our glow pen markers on our mats. I honestly forgot what I wrote on mine. Oops.  But I did write “I Love My Life!” on it. 🙂

The sequence of poses was straightforward and very repetitive. I think the reason why we kept on repeating the same poses was because there literally wasn’t enough room for us to other ones. There was no space between the mats so it was very easy to accidentally hit your neighbor with your arm (which I did nevertheless on one occasion).

Seeing that this was the first event held in Montreal, I assume that the organizers weren’t sure of the turnout and they rented a smaller venue and just crammed it with people at the maximum capacity. I hope that next time they will rent a larger venue.

Soul Pose Yoga markets the yoga session to be more of a celebration and less meditation. And what a celebration it was! Instead of focusing on our breath like we traditionally do in yoga, the intention was to have lots of fun in and twist the traditional poses in a fun-spirited way. It’s like we were releasing the inner child of us. Oh I almost forgot! At some point, we even did some twerking in Miley Cyrus style!

*Note: I have to clarity this bit for the aspiring yogis out there: yoga is not meditation! They are two different things. But yoga does help us prepare for meditation.

Midway through the yoga session, we threw the confetti, which was the best part. Thankfully the party wasn’t over yet so we continued, but I do wish that we threw the confetti again for the finale.


Some Thoughts

Just in case you were wondering about the demographics, I would say that  90% of participants were women and 10% men. While all the promos I’ve seen so far target Soul Pose Yoga as an event for women, men can also enjoy this unconventional twist of yoga.

While Soul Pose Yoga was a great event, I do want to mention three drawbacks.

My custom designed yoga mat!

First, I was disappointed that there were no bubble machines at the Montreal  event. Perhaps this was an issue with the management of the venue? I hope that next time there will some.

Also, the promos also mentioned that we would have dance breaks which we did not get.

But the biggest disappointment for me was that Soul Pose Yoga was carried out only in French. Now I don’t want to get into the language politics here, but I’m sure we can all agree that the Soul Pose event in Montreal would have been more accessible to more people if it was bilingual. Anytime I go to an exercise class at the gym or to yoga class, teachers instruct in both languages so that everyone is engaged and doesn’t feel left out.

Final Thoughts 

So while there are certain things that can be improved in Soul Pose Yoga,  I had a really great time overall. Soul Pose Yoga definitely lifted my spirits that day as rainy cold weather in the fall can sometimes be a downer.

I would definitely go again and I encourage to anyone who’s not even into yoga to attend this unforgettable experience. According to the Soul Pose website, almost 70% of attendees are new to yoga.

When you do attend a Soul Pose Yoga event, it’s highly recommended for you to wear white or neon clothes so that you “glow” under the blacklights. I actually forgot to do this myself which is why I left this part last so that you remember this tip when you go attend a Soul Pose Yoga party.

Check out the Soul Pose website to find out when Soul Pose is coming to a city near you!
For more info on The Color Run check it out here.


Have you attended Soul Pose Yoga party in your city? What was your experience like? Who would you invite to go with you?

Leave a comment or question below.

PS: I respond to all comments.

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  1. Emma Emma

    I’ve never heard of Soul pose yoga before but it sounds like a lot of fun judging from the colorful pictures and video. I especially love the neon lighting and the glow pens! I’d love to attend one of these sessions sometime but I doubt it is in New Zealand 🙁 You sound like you had an awesome time!

    • The ambiance was unforgettable. I actually never did body painting before so that was a first for me. I thought that we would be body painting with literally paint brushes and paint, but when I saw the glow pens I was relieved to be honest. I can imagine the mess there would have been in the venue (and on us) if we did use “traditional” paint and brushes.

  2. ebufi ebufi

    I was going to attend one yoga party with live music in the city, the video seem to be a lot of fun, like your party. I was ready to get up in the express bus at 5 am because the session began at 7am. But they changed the location to a farther place, it seems that the place in the city was too small for the quantity of people that wanted to attend, and I can not go yet. I am glad that you had a great time.

    • That really sucks that your event changed at the very last minute. Did you get at least a refund on your ticket? I hope that you can attend a similar event soon.

  3. AJ AJ

    Hi there

    Holly cow this looks like a blast, I would love to paint myself lol. Just to see it glow is epic. Imagine all the cool designs you could do that make it really stand out with the glow light? hahaha, I love it. I have a friend that does yoga, and just got back from something similar to this, but was only using glow sticks. I will have to tell him he needs to turn things up and take it to the next level. Very good read, thank you.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed this AJ! This really was epic indeed.

      Wow your friend’s event sounds like fun. Do you know the name of it? I wonder if this event is held all over North America as I would really like to check it out myself.

  4. Tasleem Tasleem

    Oh this looks amazing…making me miss my zumba classes! I once attended some yoga classes but it wasn’t really for me… you have to wear white and the head looked like he was tired and bored so I dropped out! But this definitely looks really fun. Thanks for sharing Vanessa.

    • Thanks for stopping by Tasleem! It’s unfortunate that you had negative experiences in your yoga classes. Did you happen to attend a Kundalini yoga class? I know you’re required to wear white in those classes. It’s also the most spiritual type of yoga out there so it’s definitely not for everyone. I personally haven’t tried it yet.

      You may be interested to check out my previous post titled “What are the Different Types of Yoga?” to find a suitable class for you. Since you’re particularly interested in Soul Pose, consider checking out Hybrid Yoga classes (which I talk about in my post) as they aren’t your typical yoga classes.

  5. Furkan Furkan

    Well they definitely have to larger place next time. It looks really nice and loved the music in video. I will definitely tell this to my ex girlfriend, she loves yoga and party. I checked the site and it is all American cities. But I am sure it will be more than successful in Thailand. Do you think will it come to there some day?

    • The Color Run has expanded internationally (they have it Thailand) and since it’s organized by the same American company I don’t see why it wouldn’t reach Thailand someday. Because Soul Pose is a new concept (about 2 years old) I think it may take some time to reach other countries. I was surprised that they had their first event in Canada only now as our respective countries are neighbors!

  6. Kate Kate

    Hey! Never heard of soul pose yoga. Do you reckon this will be a passing fad like zumba? Also, are there different classes for different yoga levels? Or is it just a more fun thing that anybody can do? Also, where in the world are these classes located? I’m in the UK

    • That’s a very interesting question Kate! I’m actually not sure. One one hand it might stay because there are lots of hybrid yoga classes coming up all the time to make yoga more accessible for more people, but on the other hand there isn’t any level of mastery in Soul Pose Yoga that would make this worth continuing on a regular basis. And if it were, this would be quite expensive.

      Soul Pose Yoga is one of those one-off fun events that anyone can join no matter the level as the poses are so basic and repetitive (at least that’s how it was in the Montreal event).

      You can check out the locations on their North American and Australian websites. I didn’t find any UK website unfortunately but I’m sure this will come to the UK soon.

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