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The Thickest Yoga Mat Ever – Jade Fusion Yoga Mat Review

The Jade Fusion yoga mat is an eco-friendly yoga mat made from natural rubber and famously known as the best thickest yoga mat on the market. Read on this product review to find out if it’s a match for you.

Who Should Use the Jade Fusion Yoga Mat?

  • Those looking for a thick mat to protect their knees and joints
  • Those who practice Restorative and Iyengar Yoga
  • Those who want a natural rubber yoga mat for their practice
  • Those who want to own an eco-friendly rubber mat
  • Those who want to support a brand that cares for our planet and practices sustainability
  • Those who don’t want to use a yoga mat towel over their mat during Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga
  • Those who want a mat that has great grip and traction in both wet and dry conditions and can be used for yoga, pilates and exercisesjade-fusion-yoga-mat


  • Open-cell structure
  • Made from natural rubber from the Far East
  • 99% latex free
  • Biodegradable

Width: 24″ wide
Length: Available as a 68” and 74”
Weight:  8.5 pounds
Thickness: 8mm (or 5/16”)


  • Eco-friendly mat, made of natural rubber
  • Feels comfortable
  • Thickest mat Jade has to offer
  • Extra-padded and cushioned (great for those sensitive knees and joints)
  • Multipurpose mat: you can use this for yoga, crossfit, pilates, stretching and as an exercise mat
  • Made in the United States
  • Made from no PVCs, heavy metals, or ozone depleting substances
  • FDA approved
  • The 74 inch mat is a great option for tall people
  • There is no break-in period (unlike the Manduka PRO)


  • Rubber smell will take a few weeks to wear off
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Not travel-friendly
  • Because the mat is so thick, you may have trouble doing balancing poses
  • Open cell structure absorbs sweat and moisture into the mat so you need to clean this regularly (you can use a yoga mat wash after each use and do a deep cleaning once in awhile to get rid of buildup)
  • 99% latex free but Jade warns that the mat may contain small traces of latex proteins so those with latex allergies might want to avoid this

How to Clean My Jade Fusion Mat?

The Jade Fusion yoga mat is designed with an open cell structure. This means that sweat and moisture easily absorbs into the mat which can be a breeding ground for icky germs and bacteria to grow and which over time causes the mat to lose its grippiness.  

However, this can be remedied by cleaning your mat after each use or at the very least when you sweat a lot.

By the way because the mat is so grippy some users people report that dust, lint, dead bugs  and animal hairs easily stick onto the mat. This can be remedied by using tape (for the animal hair) and cleaning your mat with a yoga mat wash spray after each use.

To clean the mat, you can spray with Manduka’s Natural Rubber Mat Wash and wipe the solution away with a lint-free microfiber cloth (or you can just let the mat air dry) or you can make and use your own homemade yoga mat cleaner with a vinegar base.

For deep cleaning, Jade recommends that you wash the yoga mat in the bathtub with warm water with a neutral PH soap


In a front loading washing machine in hot water with no detergent, or in cold water with ½ cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of laundry detergent.

Drying the Jade Fusion Mat After Deep Cleaning

Whatever you do don’t dry your mat outside and in front of a window with UV rays shining on it as this will guarantee that you’ll damage the mat.

If you hang it up indoors it should be dry in 24 hours but if you want to dry it faster simply place a large towel on the floor and put your Jade Fusion yoga mat on top of it. Then press the mat down onto the towel to transfer 90% of all the water out.

And because this yoga mat is made of natural rubber you should avoid storing your mat in extreme temperatures such as in the backseat in your car during the summer.

What are Others Saying About the Jade Fusion Yoga Mat?

  • At the time of writing this review, the Jade Fusion Yoga Mat has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 205 yogis.
  • The most common praises that I read about this mat is that it has excellent grip during intense, sweaty yoga sessions and that the faint rubber smell may or may not dissipate over time (depending on your sensitivities).
  • While the Jade Fusion yoga mat doesn’t have a lifetime guarantee like the Manduka PRO and PROlite many find that this mat lasts for several years and it doesn’t get too worn out even with a daily practice.
  • I haven’t seen anyone mention that they use a yoga mat towel over it during heated and athletic types of yoga because the grip is so good in both wet and dry conditions. So while the mat is expensive the good thing is that you invest only in the yoga mat.
  • Tall yogis say that that 74 inch mat is the perfect length for them. They also reported that the mat does not stretch itself out when doing extended poses.
  • The stickiness in this mat is so good that someone said that if you have pets that the animal hairs will stick onto the mat. So if you have a home practice make sure to keep this mat in a separate room or if you can’t avoid this you can always remove the animal hairs with some tape.
  • As for the negative reviews (which are few by the way on Amazon) people complain that the mat is heavy and bulky to carry, the the rubber smell is empowering and because the the mat is so grippy dust, dead bugs, animal hair, and lint will easily stick to it.


Summary – Key Points

  • Great mat for those who really need the cushioning and extra padding for sensitive knees and joints and who want a safe, toxin-free all natural rubber mat. When you receive the mat you may notice a lingering rubber tire smell but that should go away after a couple of weeks. The Jade Fusion is also durable for many years to come without many signs of wear.
  • One of the most thickest yoga mats available on the market
  • Some balancing poses might be tricky because the mat is so thick. In this case you might go for the Manduka PRO 6mm mat (check out my review here) which is 2 mm less thick than the Jade Fusion.
  • The Jade Fusion Yoga mat is a heavy and bulky mat but this is to be expected with this thickness so it’s not the best choice for travel.
  • This a good mat to practice outside with as it will flatten uneven surfaces
  • It’s thick and firm and has a great grip in both wet and dry conditions. However it doesn’t repel sweat because of it’s open cell structure dust, lint, animal hairs, and dead bugs will easily stick to it.
  • Good choice for Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga and even as an exercise mat because of the stickiness. Tall people love the fact that the mat doesn’t stretch itself out.
  • You can get rid of the rubber smell by airing the mat out,  letting it sit in front of a fan, or using a scented yoga mat spray to neutralize the smell. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t setup your Jade Fusion yoga mat in direct sunlight or else you’ll damage it.
  • Natural rubber is a renewable resource so it’s sustainable for the planet.
  • What’s also cool is that for every Jade Fusion yoga mat sold, Jade will plant a tree (thanks to their partnership with Trees for the Future).

Where to Buy the Jade Fusion Yoga Mat?

To get an authentic Jade Fusion Yoga Mat, you can purchase it directly at JadeYoga or by clicking at these e-retailers below. 


What do you think of the Jade Fusion Yoga Mat? How was your experience practicing with thick yoga mats?

Leave a comment or question below.

PS: I respond to all comments.

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  1. Stephen Fairbrother Stephen Fairbrother

    Hi, Vanessa.

    If I did yoga, this sounds like the mat for me. Made in the USA – can’t say that about much nowadays and with FDA approved materials too. I appreciate how they plant a tree for each mat sold!

    This sounds like an excellent product made by an excellent company. Very impressive and a extremely thorough review of the product. No stone unturned.


    • Thank you Steve. I was surprised to find out how the FDA approved the materials as this yoga mat is not food nor a drug. Unless they mean that it’s safe to consume ha ha ha 😉

  2. Baukje Baukje

    Awesome review! And thanks for the cleaning tips… I do not do this often enough with my mat. I look forward to reading more!

    • Thank you! Yeah it’s better to get in the habit of cleaning regularly rather than waiting until it all builds up. Then it will take double the work to clean. How often and how were you cleaning your mat before?

  3. Rob Rob

    Quite awesome! I have started to do more yoga recently and I have noticed that my knees are starting to hurt about half way through the session. This mat looks rather promising. Thanks for the tips and actions about it. I will look into it more and direct my friends and family who also have the same problem! Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah it really sucks when the knees start acting up during yoga. It’s not only painful but it distracts and takes you away from your practice. While I don’t have problems with my knees and joints I used to own thin mats with no support and that really wasn’t fun at all.

  4. Rachel Rachel

    I love yoga but it can be hard on my knees and palms. So I’ve been looking for a thicker yoga mat and the Jade Fusion seems like a great option! My only concern is the amount of cleaning it requires. On my old mat I would just use lysol wipes because I always have them on hand, but would that be bad to use on the natural rubber?

    • I wouldn’t risk it. If it has alcohol it will damage the mat. You can make your own cheap yoga mat cleaning solution and pour it into a spray bottle which you can get at the Dollar Store.

      This is the recipe which Jade provides on their site to make your own yoga mat wash:

      1 cup of water (distilled)
      1/4 cup of white vinegar or Witch-hazel (without alcohol)
      3 drops tea tree oil
      2 drops eucalyptus oil (or lavender, or thyme, or clove, or lemon grass)

      If carrying a spray isn’t convenient for you, you can get some yoga mat wipes like these from Jo-Sha on Amazon which don’t contain any alcohol nor bleach. I hope this helps.

  5. Christina Christina

    Thank you for your comprehensive, unbiased review. As with many things natural, some extra care is typically expected but is so worth it. I believe this mat would be an excellent tool for those suffering from knee or joint pain to keep practicing. Yoga is so beneficial for those very same ailments. I’ll definitely check these out!

    • Awesome. I’m glad you liked this post. I think taking care of things also make you appreciate them more too. You get to slow down too. Why rush all the time you know?

  6. Darmendra Darmendra

    I started practicing Pilates a few weeks ago, so I bought just a cheap thick mat to protect my knees, but it does not stick to the floor, which is a big problem during my workout. So I think Jade Fusion Yoga Mat could be a great option for me.

    • Vanessa Vanessa

      Yeah that should not be happening. I can’t believe horrible mats like this are even on the market! What a waste of resources. 

  7. Hailey Hailey


    My friend has just left to go to India to become a yoga and meditation teacher. I am helping her set up her studio when she returns and I am sourcing products for her. For someone like me who has no idea about yoga products your post was excellent!
    Do you know if these are available in bulk order?
    Regards Hailey

  8. Phildora Perez Phildora Perez

    Vanessa, I like how you pointed out how to take care of your yoga mat. Thank you for reviewing the pros and cons from a subjective viewpoint. You are correct, they are inexpensive on Amazon and there are some great reviews on people’s experiences in using and caring for their yoga mats.

    I’m glad to see the many color choices available to fit any mood or decor. And, I’m also glad to see that they are manufactured in the U.S.A.

    • You’re very welcome. I also appreciate that it’s manufactured in the U.S.A. which is so rare these days.

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