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Achieve Harmony in Mind, Body, and Spirit with the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

jade-yoga-harmony-yoga-matFun Fact: Did you know that Jade is the inventor of the yoga mat? Actually before Jade Yoga was founded in 2000 and specifically created the Jade Harmony yoga mat, the company was called Jade Industries and they created rug mats.

The first yoga mat was born in the 1970s when yogi B.K.S. Iyengar was teaching in the US and one of his students was slipping on his oriental rug. Legend goes that when Iyengar asked the student to remove the rug and underneath sat a Jade rug, this is when yogis realized that Jade rugs can be used as yoga mats.

Now that my crash history lesson on yoga mats is done, let us move over to the review shall we?

Who Should Use The Jade Harmony Yoga Mat?

  • Those looking for a natural rubber and eco-friendly yoga mat
  • Those who want to support a brand with sustainable business practices (did you know Jade plants a tree for every yoga mat sold?)
  • Heavy sweaters who need a sticky, grippy mat
  • Looking for a portable mat that’s not too heavy to take in and out of the yoga studio

What Types of Yoga is the Jade Harmony Suited For?

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Vigorous types of yoga such a Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga
  • Can be used for heated types of yoga such as Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga but there are mixed views on its performance
  • You can definitely use it for Restorative or Iyengar butt you might prefer something thicker like the previously reviewed Jade Fusion Yoga Mat


  • Open-cell structure
  • Made from natural rubber from the Far East
  • 99% latex free
  • Biodegradable

Length: 24” wide

Width: Available as a 68”, 71” and 74”

Weight: 4.5 lbs

Thickness: 4.7 mm (3/16″)

How Do I Clean and Dry My Jade Harmony Mat?

Open-cell yoga mats are porous which means that sweat and moisture is absorbed into the mat. So not only you don’t get to practice with pools of sweat all around you, this feature also enhances traction and stability. However this means that a regular cleaning routine is a must to ensure that your mat is free from bacteria and buildup which can affect your performance on them mat and make it smell (yeah nobody likes to practice on a stinky mat).

To Wash Your Jade Harmony Yoga Mat:

  1. For maintenance, use a yoga mat wash spray and wipe away with a lint-free microfiber cloth or a premoistened wipe (designed for yoga mats of course) after each use. You can also make your own yoga mat wash using vinegar as a base.
  2. Deep clean your mat every few weeks (depending how often you use it) to get rid of buildup. You can deep clean the mat by washing it in the bathtub with warm water and a neutral PH soap.

    Alternatively you can machine wash it in a front loading washing machine with hot water with no detergent, or in cold water with ½ cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of laundry detergent.

To Dry Your Jade Harmony Yoga Mat:

  • Simply hang it up indoors! It should be dry in 24 hours
  • To dry it even faster, place a large towel on the floor and put your Jade Fusion yoga mat on top of it.  Press the mat down onto the towel to transfer 90% of all the water out and hang to dry.

Warning: Avoid at all costs drying your Jade Harmony yoga mat in front of a window with the sun’s UV rays directly shining on it. This will certainly damage your mat and can also even warp it.

What Others Are Saying About the Jade Harmony?

At the time of this review, this yoga mat has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

These are the most common things repeated in the reviews I’ve read in my research for you

  • The Jade Harmony Yoga mat has lots of cushioning yet is thinner than the Manduka PRO mat
  • The mat feels stretchy and it moves with you during your practice, but in a good way
  • Comfortable and pleasant to the touch
  • Heavy sweaters will find this has excellent grip
  • Hold up well from sweat and moisture
  • Some say that there are signs of wear several months after heavy use
  • Mixed views about its performance during Hot Yoga (after all this mat was not specifically for this purpose). Some say it’s great some say it’s not.


  • Portable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Great grip and stickiness
  • Made with natural rubber
  • No break-in period
  • Made with no PVC, synthetic rubber, or other ozone-depleting substances
  • Made in the USA
  • Jade plants a tree for every yoga mat sold


  • People with latex allergies will want to avoid this as it contains traces of latex proteins (even though the mat is 99% latex free)
  • Frequent cleaning as the open cell structure of this yoga mat absorbs sweat and moisture. A quick cleaning can be done with a yoga mat wash spray but a thorough deep clean is recommend once in awhile to remove buildup
  • Because of the stickiness and the natural rubber material it’s made of,  the Jade Harmony yoga mat easily attracts dust, lint, dead bugs, and animal hairs
  • The initial rubber smell (it fades away after about 2 weeks)

Summary Key Points

If you’re looking for a good quality eco-friendly mat to use for all types of yoga, the Jade Harmony Yoga mat is one to consider. Unlike the Manduka PRO series mats, there is no break in period for this mat so you can feel the mat’s performance right off the bat.

The natural rubber enables your hands and feet stay put during your practice so you won’t be sliding around all over the place when you’re doing vigorous types of yoga or if you’re just a heavy sweater.  

While you can use it for Hot Yoga, there are mixed views about the mats performance and you’ll have to clean it every time because of the open-cell structure design which allows sweat and moisture to get into the mat. If you’re set on this mat for hot yoga but want to spare some time from cleaning, you can invest in a Yogitoes yoga mat towel (reviewed here) to put over your Jade Harmony mat during Hot Yoga.

If you like the features of this mat but you need something thicker with extra cushioning, I recommend you check out the Jade Fusion yoga mat (reviewed here).

People with latex allergies will want to avoid this as natural rubber does contain trace amount of latex proteins even though the mat is 99% latex free. An alternative would be the Manduka PROlite mat (reviewed here) which has the same weight and is also eco-friendly.

Where to Buy the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat?

To get an authentic Jade Harmony mat, you can get it at the Jade Yoga website or on Amazon

Is the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat a mat you’re considering upgrading to?

Leave a comment or question below.

PS: I respond to all comments.

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  1. Kelli Kelli

    I love yoga but I sweat a lot and tend to slip around. So will this mat help me not move around soo much when my hands and feet are sweating? So would you recommend just bringing a spray to the gym to spray the mat down right after yoga?

    • Like I wrote in my post, because the Jade Harmony yoga mat is made of natural rubber it will help you stay put. You can also use a yoga mat towel like the Yogitoes over it for extra grip but there shouldn’t be a need.

      And yes I totally recommend bringing a yoga mat wash spray with you to the studio as it’s better to clean the mat while it’s still “fresh” with sweat (as you’ll most likely forget to clean it later if you delay it). However most local studios have a yoga mat wash spray on hand which you can borrow. Just find out if it’s safe to use on natural rubber mats.

  2. Brandon Brandon

    Great review, Vanessa.

    I’m not a huge yoga fan so was just wondering if the weight is quite heavy, as in; is this a common weight for yoga mats? My partner is a fan of yoga and I’m thinking of going on a backpacking trip soon.

    We need one that’s fairly lightweight so it’s not going to hinder us on our way out to the wilderness… Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Brandon.

      A 5 lbs yoga mat is quite standard but you can definitely get a much lighter and more portable yoga mat for your backpacking adventure.

      If your partner is set on getting a natural rubber mat, Jade offers the Voyager which weighs 1.5 lbs and is foldable to fit into a backpack. The downside with the Voyager is that it’s not meant to be used everyday and again dirt, hair and anything else will stick to it so it might be annoying to clean outdoors so you would need to bring with you a yoga mat wash spray or some yoga mat wipes.

      Alternatively, your partner can also go with the Manduka eKO Superlite which is also foldable.

  3. Danielle Danielle

    Why have I not seen this sooner!! My favourite part is them being eco friendly 🙂

    • He he that’s why you go to my blog! 😉

  4. Excelle Excelle

    Wow! To think that I just bought a yoga mat recently. If I had seen this earlier, I would have bought one simply because they are more environment conscious. It pleases me to know that for every mat sold a tree is planted, that’s impressive.
    I have booked mark this site for when I’m ready to purchase again.
    Thanks for throwing more light on this brand.

    • You’re welcome. I think it’s awesome that more brands are giving back and I hope that this continues. What yoga mat did you buy?

  5. Steve Steve

    Well, what a timely article! I just started Yoga at my gym. I am a heavy sweater, so by the end I am slipping all over the place. I have been using a Manduka mat. I need to see if they have a Jade Harmony, or it sounds like I need to invest in my own. I really like the no slip feature. It’s also fantastic that these are made from a renewable resource. I really appreciate that the company plants a tree for every mat sold. Great tips on cleaning and maintaining the mat. You certainly know your stuff. I will tune in for more of your articles.


    • Which Manduka mat have you been using (they have many models)? I understand that you rent your yoga mat at the gym.

      You can use a Manduka Yogitoes yoga mat towel over it to stop slipping all over the place. I use it for Hot Yoga and it’s amazing. If you don’t feel like carrying yoga mats in and out the gym, the Yogitoes might be more convenient for you as you can simply throw it in your gym bag so you have less stuff to carry around.

  6. Rawan Rawan

    Nice review and I love the multiple colors of these thick mats! I can’t stand a thin mat, it feels like you’re sitting on the floor.
    And the point that the mat absorbs moisture is so cool! I never thought of this point when I bought my previous mats.
    Thanks for the good info!

    • You’re welcome Rawan. Thin mats are good as travel mats but not as your main mat.

  7. Kyoko Kyoko

    Although I don’t sweat much, the grip is still very important part of my determining factor on the Yoga mat. I have never had a mat from Jade, but I have heard a good reputation about it. I also like the fact that it provides three different sizes. Although I am rather small (5′ 3″), I still have to adjust my position in order to stay on the mat. Considering this fact, the size goes up to 72″ would be great for those who are tall! It will be my next shopping list of the mat!

    • It’s great that Jade is mindful to people’s needs by offering different sizes of their yoga mats. It almost feels like you own a custom made yoga mat.

  8. Excelle Excelle

    I have tried some yoga mats before and after clicking on the Yogitoes link you gave I am looking to purchase the Yogitoes yoga mat towel.

    I like the fact that it has a Patented Skidless technology and it can grip in both wet and dry conditions, so my sweaty days are over…lol

  9. Victoria Victoria

    Sustainable business practice! I like that. And also that it is made in the USA.

    There are so many kinds of yoga mats out there, it can be confusing to find the right mat. This mat is 4.7 mm thick, is there a thickness that you would recommend?

    • Great question Victoria! For thickness, it really depends what your needs are. A 2mm is considered lightweight, a 5mm mat is considered standard and anything more than 7mm is considered to be extra thick. If you don’t have any issues with your knees then I recommend going with a 5mm-6mm mat like the Jade Harmony that was just reviewed in this post, or the Manduka PRO. Lightweight mats are great for travel and extra thick mats are great for those who have sensitive knees and joints or who simply just want more padding and cushioning. What are your needs?

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