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Get Your Grip On With The Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel

manduka-equa-towel-harbourTime for another product review. This time Manduka’s eQua yoga mat towel is in the hot seat.

Because Manduka makes a lot of yoga gear and I’m sure you have some questions about it, I made sure to compare the eQua yoga mat towel to its brother (or sister?) the Yogitoes yoga mat towel (also made by Manduka) for you.

Here we go.

Specs and Features:

  • Standard Length: 72” x 26.5”
  • Extra Long Length: 86” x 26.5”
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Made of proprietary recyclable microfiber material that is 80% polyester and 20% nylon

Is The Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel Right For Me?

The Manduka eQua yoga mat towel is designed for light to medium perspiration. So unless you’re one of those heavy sweaters it will do its job in preventing you from slipping and sliding all over the place and provide you with the grip you lack on the mat.

This yoga mat towel can be used for all types of yoga including Power Yoga and Vinyasa and while it’s not for heated types of yoga in my research I’ve read some yogis use it even though there are better options out on the market.  

For those who want to make an eco-conscious choice and want to contribute in saving our planet, this towel is made from natural dyes, and is a recyclable synthetic material.

The eQua towel is also versatile and can be used for different purposes. You can use it as a travel towel, at the gym, as a blanket during savasana, and as a meditation shawl.


What’s The Difference Between Manduka’s eQua Yoga Mat Towel and The Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel?

Unlike the Yogitoes, the eQua yoga mat towel doesn’t have silicone nubs so you experience a smooth and soft experience all throughout your practice. However it will bunch up if you do lots of jumping and drag your feet across the mat. The eQua also performs much better if you dampen it right before you start your practice.

The Yogitoes is a textured and tactile experience. The silicone nubs grip onto the underlying mat and stays in place during jumps and dragging movements. It also performs in both wet and dry conditions so it’s a better option for Hot Yoga than the eQua.

Oh yes! And may I mention the price point! The eQua towel is a more affordable option to the Yogitoes yoga mat towel. I guess it’s because of its less elaborate design than the Yogitoes (no silicone nubs, no printed design).  However it doesn’t mean the eQua yoga mat is not a good towel—it just depends what your needs are.

How To Take Care Of My Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel?

It’s easy peasy. Just machine wash (or by hand) with cold water and like colors, tumble dry low or hang dry.

  • Don’t use bleach, dryer sheets, fabric softener or detergents with fabric softeners as this will make your towel slick and lose its grippiness
  • Washing your towel in warm water WILL make it shrink.

Because Manduka is an environmentally-conscious brand, they used natural dyes in creating the eQua towel. Because the dyes are free of heavy metals, azo, and lead there might be some dye loss in the first couple of washes especially in those towels in deeper colors.

Tip: To be on the safe side, machine wash your towel before first use perhaps even twice. You don’t want to accidentally stain your yoga mat and your clothes during practice and ruin your zen.


What Are Others Saying About This Yoga Mat Towel?

At the time of publishing this review, the Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel has a star rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Here are the most common points which I’ve found in my research for you.

Most users are satisfied with this towel’s performance and the majority agrees that you get the best results from this towel when you first dampen it before you start your yoga practice. It also pairs well with most yoga mats so you don’t have to be concerned about pairing this with a Manduka mat specifically.

I’ve repeatedly read that this towel is pretty much indestructible and survives hundreds of washes while still looking like new— even when it’s 5 years old.  

The most critical reviews I’ve read is that the eQua towel stains yoga mats and clothes (especially the deeper colors like the red one) but this can be remedied if you wash it separately in cold water before using it. You may have to do another wash if the dye loss persists. Another critical reviewer say that the towel is slippery throughout the entire class and that it will stay slippery unless you sweat.

Some Amazon Yogis who own both the eQua and Yogitoes yoga mat towels report that the eQua yoga mat towel doesn’t move as long as you don’t jump around or drag your feet around too much, and that the Yogitoes is more effective in gripping to the underlying yoga mat during jumps and such movements. However those who are sensitive to texture find that the eQua Yoga mat towel is more comfortable than the Yogitoes as it doesn’t have the silicone nubs.

Another reviewer stated that she tested the eQua as a travel towel after showering and she was impressed how quickly it dried on its own. She said she can immediately put in the bag with the rest of her clothes without worrying it will get the rest of them wet.

While the Yogitoes is a better fit for heated types of yoga, one yogi who used the eQua towel during Hot Yoga said the towel didn’t smell like chemicals like other microfiber yoga towels he previously used.



  • Lightweight
  • Durable for years to come
  • Fast-Drying
  • Slip-resistant when damp
  • Soft, suede-like feel
  • Recyclable
  • Multipurpose – can be used for yoga, during exercise, as a blanket, or meditation shawl
  • Compact, portable
  • Highly absorbent
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Does not have silicone nubs like the Yogitoes
  • Plain design
  • Natural dyes may bleed in the first couple of washes
  • Will bunch up and move during jumping movements and when you drag your feet across the towel

Where Can I Purchase the Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel?

The best place to get an authentic Manduka eQua towel is at Manduka’s site or on Amazon

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PS: I respond to all comments.


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  1. Excelle Excelle

    I am always looking forward to your product reviews because I know I’ll be getting the latest gist on Yoga products out on the market. The eQua Mat/ Towel is quite good in that its easy to fold and carry along on travels. Also, like the fact that its eco-friendly and the colors are appealing. Having it last for longer is even a better selling point. I will be looking to get one of these as they look quite easy to maintain after use.

    • Thank you! I also think it’s better to own a durable towel rather than a cheapie which you need to replace. Why contribute to more waste?

  2. Rob Rob

    Thanks for this review. I have a question: If I’m a heavy sweater because I’m an athlete, what yoga mat would you recommend? I mean the Manduka X looks brilliant but just wondering if there is another one out there that is good for a heavy sweater.

  3. Amy Amy

    I love Hot Yoga! I haven’t done it for a while but I do own a few different towels and I think it’s very important to have a good quality high absorbent towel! I will definitely be trying this one out.

    By the way, I enjoyed readying your post on how to choose a yoga mat. Choosing a yoga mat can be a challenging process for many since the options are endless!

    • What other yoga towels do you own Amy? Are some better for Hot Yoga than others? I would love to hear your point of view.

      Yeah it’s easy to get carried away and get a beautiful fancy yoga mat with a unique print on it, but what’s the point of owning it and wasting our hard earned cash if it’s bad quality (even it’s we didn’t pay all that much) or it’s too thin or thick for us, or it doesn’t suit the type of yoga practice we do?

  4. Ms. Kay Ms. Kay

    Thank you for this comprehensive review. I am always looking for yoga gear and stumbled upon your website. There’s lot of very informative information and comprehensive reviews.

    I especially like the fact that this eQua yoga mat towel can be used for many activities, not just yoga, and is available in a variety of colors.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoy my site. That’s the beauty of yoga mat towels–they are just so versatile!

  5. Will Will

    Very informative review. I don’t have a lot of experience with yoga, so this might be a dumb question. If it is, I apologize in advance. But, why do you need a “yoga towel” to begin with? What’s the difference between a yoga towel and a standard bath or beach towel? Sounds like this these towels are designed to lie over the yoga mat during workouts? Thanks.

    • Hi Will. No these are not dumb questions at all! In fact my next post is going to address all your questions. I will link it here once it’s ready and up. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  6. Vince Vince

    Great review Vanessa. I’ve been looking for a good yoga mat towel as my current yoga mat gets so slippery when I sweat.

    My yoga mat also has a rubbery smell that still lingers. I assume this towel wouldn’t smell like that because it’s made from a soft material?

    • No, the towel won’t smell like rubber as it’s made of microfiber.

      Did you try airing out your yoga mat outside (just don’t do it in direct sunlight)? Perhaps if you do a deep cleaning the rubber smell will go away. What is the brand of your yoga mat?

      • Vince Vince

        Yep did that. It helped a little but that’s what I get for buy a cheapy. Can’t wait to get my eQua.

      • Yikes. That sucks. Let me know how this works out with the eQua.

  7. Kyoko Kyoko

    I don’t sweat too much by nature, so a Yoga towel is not my list to buy just yet, but I am considering checking out Hot Yoga, so this review is quite helpful for me to see what I should even look for.

    I so often hear it gets slippery, so slippage is my major concern. According to the article, this towel has a good grip when damp so it may work well for Hot Yoga. I am also very intrigued with the softness of this towel. It looks so soft from the picture! I had never thought about using the Yoga towel for meditation as a blanket, but if it is that soft, I could definitely utilize it both for Yoga and meditation!

    Thank you for your thorough review and insights!

    • You’re welcome Kyoko! Let me know how your experience goes with this if you end up choosing this towel for Hot Yoga.

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