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Join The Epic Movement With project:OM!

Here’s a scary fact: 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime.project-om

Knowing the healing and energizing effects of yoga, more women with this diagnosis (and victims with different types of cancer) are turning towards yoga to help them cope with the physical, emotional, and mental challenges that come with fighting cancer.

Yoga As An Additional and Natural Cancer Therapy

The American Breast Cancer Society reports that women battling with breast cancer who practice yoga 1 hour a day 3 times a week for 6 weeks have a decrease in fatigue, stress, and a better quality of life than those cancer patients who don’t practice yoga.

Research shows that not only practicing yoga regularly can help cancer patients get into remission, it can even cure it (while undergoing conventional treatment that is; doing yoga alone cannot cure cancer).

There are many anecdotes from breast cancer survivors who report that doing yoga during their treatment was a lifesaver and that without it they believe they would not have become cancer free.

Furthermore, breast cancer survivors who continued to practice yoga regularly had a significant decrease in fatigue and inflammation levels in their body compared to those cancer survivors who didn’t do yoga.

5 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga for Cancer Prevention

  1. Yoga strengthens the immune system
  2. Yoga detoxifies your body by increasing lymphatic flow
  3. Yoga builds strong bones and stimulates stem cell trafficking from bone marrow
  4. Yoga helps with weight management and reduces obesity and weight-related type of cancers: we become more mindful of what we eat and we stop stress and emotional eating which lead to binges and weight gain
  5. Yoga reduces stress-related cancers: chronic stress promotes cancerous cell growth and weakens the immune system’s anti-tumour defence mechanism

A Yoga Class Of One Million To Battle Breast Cancer

In the United States, there are more than 2.5 million breast cancer survivors a fact that was unheard of decades ago and it’s all thanks to research and medicine. There is plenty of hope to find a cure but funds are needed for this happen. This is where project:OM comes in.

Manduka partnered up with Susan G. Komen, the largest and best-funded breast cancer organization in the United States, to create the biggest yoga fundraiser event created called project:OM so that we end the fight with breast cancer.

This weekend from May 12 to May 14,  thousands of yoga studios across the United States are participating in this program and hosting donation-based yoga events. 

If your local studio isn’t participating in project:OM but you still want to participate, not to worry there’s a solution as Manduka is hosting a livestream live class on Saturday, May 13 at 11am EST with celebrity yoga teacher Adriene Mishler.

All proceeds from all project:OM yoga events will be going to Susan G. Komen.

3 Ways to Join the Epic Movement

  1. Donate to project:OM by clicking here
  2. Attend a project:OM donation-based yoga event at your participating local studio or join Manduka’s livestream class. Find a class here
  3. Get some new yoga gear from Manduka’s exclusive collection designed for project:OM where from March 1, 2017 until December 31, 2017 10% of all sales, and 100% of sales from all David Allen artist collaboration products sold will go directly to Susan G. Komen

Here’s a sneak peek of the collection


=>To view the entire exclusive Manduka collection for project:OM and the David Allen artist collaboration click here.<=

I think it’s very important to find a cure for breast cancer so I’m happy to hear that Manduka has created such a fantastic initiative which makes me respect and love the brand even more.

My grandmother dieyoga-for-breast-cancerd from breast cancer a few years ago and if there was a cure she would have been alive today. It’s so scary to think that I may have a chance of getting it in the future as breast cancer can be hereditary, so not only is it important to support such a great cause like project:OM to find a cure for breast cancer, but that we also embark on a cancer prevention plan by eating healthy, taking care of ourselves, and doing yoga regularly.

What do you think of Manduka’s project:OM initiative? How will you be participating in this epic movement?

Leave a comment or question below.

PS: I respond to all comments.


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  1. Jada Broussard Jada Broussard

    What a great article. I love to do yoga and never realized it’s connection to cancer prevention.

    You have definitely given me a new perspective on my own yoga practice.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • You’re welcome Jada. I was also thrilled when I found this connection out. 🙂

  2. Merry Merry

    Thanks for the great information and great post. I have always heard that yoga could be really really good for you, but who knew it would be this awesome? I really appreciate the links as well to the online yoga. Not everyone can get out to a class or if they live in rural areas not all have yoga classes.

    • You’re welcome Merry. Manduka has thought it all out very well. I watched parts of a Facebook livestream event held in New York yesterday and I was amazed at the high turnout!

  3. Angela Angela

    What a fantastic way to raise money for a worthwhile cause! Thanks for sharing – do you know if there’s anything similar going on in Australia? Not to worry if there’s not, we can tune into the live stream and help support the cause by getting a new yoga outfit from that Manduka collection, which will hopefully be the encouragement I need to do yoga more regularly!

  4. Maxx Maxx

    Great article Vanessa. My girlfriend would enjoy reading this and I will share it with her later.

    Recently she started doing yoga during in her spare time as she knows yoga can help her manage work-related stress.

    I believe that yoga can prevent cancer too and I believe that we should raise more awareness about this so that women can start taking preventative action now.

    Thank you for informing us about this.

    • Vanessa Vanessa

      Hey Maxx thanks for stopping by and for sharing this article to your girlfriend. I totally agree with you in that we need to raise awareness as to how yoga can help prevent cancer. It’s not enough to simply raise awareness about cancer. If we can prevent it which we can by practicing yoga regularly, everyone needs to know this as it’s easier to prevent than to treat.

  5. Owain Owain

    Having been touched by cancer I can understand just how tiring it can be, what with the treatment and feeling sick most of the time. I would never have thought that yoga could help people through this time in someone’s life. I can see this would benefit not only women with breast cancer but anyone who has cancer.

    • Oh my. I’m so sorry to hear that you went through this Owain and I hope that you are ok now.
      Many cancer patients have reported that the nausea that comes with chemotherapy decreased when doing yoga. It’s incredible how yoga gives so much strength to the body and how it alleviates symptoms when treating cancer.

  6. Kris Turman Kris Turman

    I have lost several friends and relatives to breast cancer (as well as other forms of cancer) and I am a true believer that a positive attitude can be a big part of beating the cancer fight! I have never done yoga before, but it would make sense that it would be a big aid in keeping a positive attitude! It is fantastic that there are companies out there encouraging their customers to help fight breast cancer!

    • I agree with you Kris. Maintaining a positive attitude and I also think having hope is a big part in beating anything actually. I’m not sure if it always works every time as I think taking action has more effects, but I think it does help a lot for sure.

  7. Penny Penny

    What a great cause to draw our attention to. Thanks for the information.

    One thing I’ve always remembered about yoga – through twisting poses, you are essentially “massaging” your organs, which is something I think they need! Especially for those of us stuck most of the day in computer zombie pose, with or without the nasty forward head posture.

    I also appreciate that you make explicit that yoga is good to go in conjunction with medical treatment, and is not a stand-alone cure. It is, however, a superb and empowering support system.

    • I heard about some people who are against Western Medicine and treat cancer naturally with alternative medicine, but I think there has to be a balance and there’s a limit as to how much alternative and natural medicine can do to treat cancer.

      For example, Steve Jobs was treating his cancer with alternative medicine (dietary supplements, juices, acupuncture) and even he regretted not following conventional treatments earlier which would have extended his life. He died when he was only 56 years old!

      And yes, massaging your organs with twisting poses does help fight diseases because twists allow fresh blood supply to flow back in.

  8. jeffrey16201 jeffrey16201

    Yoga is good for everyone and because there are so many types of yoga out there, you just have to take the time to look and experiment to find out which style is the best for you.

    I highly recommend yoga to improve your health. Only a few years ago people thought I was going to die. I started yoga out of desperation and now I am much healthier and people are amazed at the difference in my health.

    • Vanessa Vanessa

      Wow that’s amazing to hear that! Thank you for sharing Jeffrey! What type of yoga were you doing that time? Do you still practice it today?

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