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Spring Forward with the Manduka Spring 2017 Collection!

manduka-spring-2017Can you believe that spring is here? Well.. almost. Actually, all the snow was gone where I live and it got so much warmer, but Mother Nature changed her mind and sent us a wonderful blizzard just to mess with us today.

On to the more pleasant things now!

Manduka’s spring collection was launched earlier this month and the apparel and accessories were inspired by the tropical and exotic vibes of Cuba.

Below are some snippets of this new and exciting collection.
Warning: lots of mesmerizing sky and ocean blue hues ahead!

Veracious Crop Yoga Pants in Havana Print

The black power mesh details, and the earth-like pattern of these cropped yoga pants will make you feel like you’re top on on the world (because you are)! The supportive 4-way stretch and the double layer gusset give you comfort and breathability to allow you to expand freely in your practice.

Click on the image to check out the price!

Flux Tight in Tile Print

I just can’t get enough of these dancer-inspired leggings! While I loved the look of the original flux legging,  I’m happy to finally see a design with a pattern!

Click on the image to check out the price!

The Damana Bra in Havana Print

The matching bra for the Veracious Crop Yoga Pants in Havana Print will keep you cool even at your most hottest intense Bikram Yoga class. The best part: no falling straps!

Click on the image to check out the price!

Linea Cami in Cyan Blue

This is my favourite shirt of the whole collection! It’s just so classy and modern at the same time. This happy, bright neon color just screams that spring is coming and that summer is also just around the corner. For convenience and comfort, this top has an interior bra with support and removable pads so you can skip wearing your own.

Click on the image to check out the price!

The Essential Legging in Havana Print

This Earth-like pattern is the same as the Veracious Crop Yoga Pants, but the difference is that these don’t have the black mesh on the sides and they are full-length yoga pants. Expect the same performance as the cropped yoga pants.

Click on the image to check out the price!

Luminous Bra in Tile Print

An alternative model to the Damana Bra which I featured earlier. Very yogi chic.

Click on the image to check out the price!

Pantaloon Onesie in White and Grey Stripe

Now this is an interesting piece to wear to your next yoga practice! You can wear it as a onesie or as pants. It’s free-flowing and it will bring a touch of lightness to your practice. Imagine feeling very serene wearing this while doing sun salutations!

Click on the image to check out the price!

Harem Wrap in White and Dark Grey Stripe

While this isn’t a piece to wear during yoga, it’s great to put it over your shorts when you’re on your way to your next Bikram Yoga class. Of course, nothing is stopping you from wearing it on it’s own outside of class too you know. 😉

Click on the image to check out the price!

Check out these Exclusive Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towels for the Spring 2017 Collection

If you have a tendency to sweat a lot and lose grip during yoga, I highly recommend that you try one of these eco-friendly Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towels (read my review here) that you put over your yoga mat. Manduka is the only brand on the market that uses silicone nubs to grip your mat and so that you stay in place.

Click on the image to check out the price! From left to right: Groovy la Rampa; Havana; Groovy Playa

 My Final Thoughts

While I think that some pieces of this collection are gorgeous, I don’t really see where Manduka got inspiration from the Cuban culture (except for the Yogitoes yoga mat towel in Havana); I expected seeing more of a variety of bright colors and patterns and I take that Manduka was inspired by Cuban beaches which might explain why you see lots of blues in this collection.

=>Take a look at the entire collection by clicking on my link here<=

What stands out for you the most in this collection? Do you think the colors of this collection represent Cuban culture?

Leave a comment or question below.

PS: I respond to all comments.

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  1. David David

    I love your post, very clean and beautiful. My girlfriend does yoga and I really liked the Veracious Crop Yoga Pants in Havana Print, I think it will suit her very well.
    Thank you so much

  2. luca luca

    i was just looking for a present for my yogi girlfriend thanks for this suggestions you should do the men version too! please do it!

  3. Linda Linda

    I love workout wear and I gravitate to the yoga line because I love the different styles and beautiful designs. This brand does not disappoint. I’m loving the blues! Will check out the rest of your items from your site!

    • Thanks for stopping by Linda. Yeah Manduka is really a great brand. I love how they are eco-conscious too!

  4. Arta Arta

    Wow, what a nice collection. I love the Flux Tight in Tile Print – I think they look gorgeous and graceful. I also like Manduka sustainability policy and the fact that these leggings are made of recycled polyester. Besides that, I can see that they use certified materials meaning no need to worry about harmful chemicals and their influence on my health. So this is a win-win product for me – elegance combined with safety for both myself and our planet 🙂

    • Vanessa Vanessa

      As Manduka continues to expand their range of products to reach a wider market, they stay faithful to their sustainability practices which is something that I also really appreciate. Have you heard about the new mat that they just released?

  5. Liz Liz

    Oooh I love all these designs! I particularly like the Damana bra-anything with a criss-cross back is gorgeous and makes me want to go and do some hot yoga!

    Do you have a a favourite type of yoga that you like to do? I used to be a Les Mills Body Balance instructor and then I got into Bikram yoga. I miss it when I don’t do it!

    • Vanessa Vanessa

      Hey Liz! Actually I love doing Hot Yoga! I haven’t tried Bikram Yoga yet but I do want to. Sadly the local studio that taught Bikram Yoga closed down. 🙁

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