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The 9 Dangers of Yoga Pants

are-yoga-pants-dangerousAcross the internet, I’ve seen claims being made how yoga pants are dangerous to your health when worn everyday. While these articles quote medical experts to validate their points, what all of these articles fail to do is to provide solutions to these *possible* dangers.

I have collected the 9 most often mentioned dangers of wearing yoga pants, researched solutions to each of them and I’m presenting my findings to you below.

I don’t want you to get thrown off from wearing your yoga pants forever! Especially that there are so many reasons to wear them (click here to read my article “13 Reasons Why Are Women Wearing Yoga Pants Everyday and You Should Too).

Read on to find out how I’m going to save the reputation of our beloved yoga pants by addressing the 9 dangers, or should I say – accusations against yoga pants.

1. Yoga pants may give you butt acne

When your pores get clogged with sweat, oil, and debris and the fabric of your tight yoga pants rubs your butt, you get acne.


  • After a workout or an intense yoga class, shower and change into a dry, clean pair of yoga pants
  • Use wet wipes if don’t have time or access to a shower
  • Use a medicated body wash with salicylic acid(*) or my personal favorite, sulfur soap on your butt

(*) Salicylic acid helps to correct the abnormal shedding of skin cells. It is often used for milder acne, because it helps unclog pores to prevent lesions.

2. Yoga Pants may give you ingrown hairs

Whether your wax, epilate, or shave your legs, I’m sure most of you have experienced the discomfort and unsightliness of ingrown hair.

Ingrown hairs occur:

  1. When hair gets stuck under a thick layer of dead skin which causes the hair to regrow sideways
  2. When tight clothing rubs against skin and curls back the hair into the pore

If you combine this with wearing sweaty yoga pants for long periods of time, you’re at risk of getting folliculitis (an infection of the hair follicles).


  • Exfoliation is your best friend. Before shaving or epilating, exfoliate your legs by using a body scrub or an exfoliating hand glove to get rid of dead skin cells. Repeat every 2 days.
  • Shave gently in the direction of hair growth
  • Change your razor or cartridge after 5-10 shaves (I always use these Shai Soft Touch razors as they’re good and also cheaper than the ones in stores so it’s possible to change them frequently without making my wallet cry) 
  • Consider laser-hair removal or electrolysis for permanent hair removal
  • Shower, or use wet wipes, and change into a clean pair of yoga pants

3. Yoga pants may give you yeast infections

Vaginal infections like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis are super gross and painful. Synthetic tight clothing, eating too much processed foods, and a moist environment down there promotes yeast growth.


  • Go commando (wear no underwear), or wear yoga pants with breathable built-in underwear
  • Wear yoga pants with moisture-wicking properties
  • Wear cotton-based yoga pants or flexible, breathable yoga pants
  • Shower, or use wet wipes, and change into a clean pair of yoga pants after sweatingyoga-pants-and-yeast-infections
  • Eat a healthy clean diet with less processed foods
  • Avoid douching

4. Yoga pants may give you jock itch

Tinea cruris, better known as Jock itch, is a fungal skin infection occurring in the butt, genitals or inner thighs caused by —you guessed it— sporting sweaty, tight clothing for too long. Although this fungal infection mainly occurs in men, women can suffer from it as well.


  • Shower, or use wet wipes, and change into a clean pair of yoga pants
  • Wear stretchable, flexible yoga pants
  • If you insist on wearing tight pants, at the very least don’t wear them for long periods of time

5. Yoga pants may cause intertrigo

What? Yes. In-ter-tri-go. Wearing sweaty tight yoga pants for long periods of time may cause intertrigo ‒ a rash developed in skin folds such as your armpits, inner thigh, butt, and under your bra line.


  • Shower and wash the skin folds with an antibacterial soap. Dry yourself with a towel really well as intertrigo thrives in moist environments
  • Use an anti-yeast powder in dry skin folds
  • Use antibacterial wet wipes
  • Wear loose, breathable yoga pants

6. Yoga pants may cause numbness

Meralgia paresthetica (sounds scary doesn’t it?) is an experience of numbness in your thighs. This happens when you wear tight pants which constrict the sensory pelvic nerve that’s related to the thighs. You may feel numbness, tingling, or burning sensations.  This condition isn’t dangerous unless it happens frequently.


  • Wear stretchable, flexible or loose yoga pants
  • If you insist on wearing tight yoga pants, don’t wear them for more than a few hours

7. Yoga pants may cause “Tight Pants Syndrome”yoga-and-stomach-pain

Abdominal discomfort and pain, heartburn, burping and other digestive problems due to wearing pants that are too small for you are famously known as the Tight Pants Syndrome. If you already suffer from acid reflux or other digestive problems, then tight pants will only aggravate your issues further.  


  • Girl, go get some yoga pants that properly fit you!

8. Wearing yoga pants during an MRI poses a safety hazard

Nano silver technology is used to stop odour-causing bacteria from embedding into clothes.

Nano Silver technology and metal fibers in clothing are safe to wear except when you go for an MRI. Because the MRI is like a giant magnet, wearing metal fibers and clothing with Nano Silver technology can burn your skin.


  • Wear a hospital gown which you should be wearing in the first place
  • Avoid wearing any clothing with the labels “anti-microbial”, “ “anti-odor”, “Nano Silver technology“, and “Lululemon Silverescent” when you go for your MRI

Tip: If there’s no label, simply stretch your yoga pants: if you see silver or gold threading then you’re wearing metal fibers.

9. Wearing yoga pants makes you a slut

Even if you’re wearing see-through yoga pants everywhere you go, yoga pants don’t make you a slut. The see-through pants may look slutty but they don’t define who you are. Yoga pants accentuate your derriere and figure. Where’s the danger of wearing something that makes you feel good about yourself?


  • Wear what you want, except those see-through yoga pants at work 😉

So, are yoga pants dangerous?  

These gentle yet effective wet wipes by Healthy Hoohoo are natural, free from fragrance, parabens and other nasty chemicals. Find them on Amazon by clicking on the image

Did you notice how pretty much all the solutions for these potential problems simply require… proper hygiene and wearing properly fitted yoga pants?


  • Wear your yoga pants everyday sure… but don’t live and sleep in your one pair of pants 24/7
  • Shower, or use wet wipes, and change into a clean pair after sweating
  • Wear breathable fitted pants, or at least wear your tight pants only for a few hours at a time
  • Oh yeah, and most importantly: don’t forget to wash your yoga pants

That’s all there is to it.


Do you know of any other potential dangers of wearing yoga pants?

Did you ever experience any of the problems above or another such problem?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!


PS: I respond to all comments.

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  1. Sarah Prince Sarah Prince

    I love my yoga pants when I’m pregnant because it’s all that will fit. But I definitely don’t have them on all the time. I’ve gotten lame little rashes in the past from the snugness and don’t wish to repeat that.

    • Have you tried wearing maternity yoga pants? These would probably stop your rashes as they are specifically designed for pregnant women.

      Some regular yoga pants are so snug because they are actually compression yoga pants. It can also be that you need to get a pair that is made with breathable material like cotton.

  2. sandra sandra

    Love it–Your article really mad me laugh! The bottom line–take a shower!!!!

    • Thanks Sandra! I’m glad this article gave you a laugh!

      It never ceases to baffle me when I see sweaty women leave the gym without taking a shower when it can done in like 5 minutes! Seriously, this doesn’t have to take you 2 hours and I’m sure the people around you will appreciate NOT smelling your BO!

      I admit that there was a time when I wouldn’t change after exercising and doing intense yoga and I DID end up getting several yeast infections.

  3. Trevor Moy Trevor Moy

    Is most of what you’ve written commonsense?
    If people don’t understand about the effect of wearing yoga pants then reading your post here will obviously make them think more about how to wear them, when to wear them and how to stop anything happening to them or yourself whilst wearing them.
    Nicely written! If anyone is into wearing yoga pants, then who gives a poop about what anyone else thinks about you, if they make you feel good and are comfortable.
    Personally I find them very sexy!

    • I agree it’s common sense, but because athleisure brands market their clothing with the message that this clothing can be worn all the time and everywhere, some people have taken it to extremes unfortunately. Hopefully this article will raise awareness to readers that these issues won’t be become issues if they practice good hygiene and wear properly fitted pants.

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