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What is Fabletics and How to Get the Most Out of It

What-is-Fabletics-Kate-HudsonWhat is Fabletics and is it a Scam?

By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen the Facebook ads on Fabletics activewear with Kate Hudson parading outdoors in fabulous athleisure outfits.

Co-founded by Kate Hudson (which explains why you see her in all the campaigns), Fabletics is an online subscription retailer that sells fashionable activewear that can be worn all the way from yoga to the gym, straight to your Zumba class and then to that coffee date with your bestie. The possibilities are endless…

How Does it Work?

There are 2 types of Fabletics memberships you can choose from.


  • Option to select your outfits whenever you want with no obligation to purchase


  • Every month you are required to take an action:

Each month you log into your account and select and purchase your outfit(s). *All outfits start at $49.95


If you don’t want to purchase anything between the 1st-5th of the month, you must log in to your account and select “skip this month” to not be charged $49.95. You can skip as many months as you want.

*Note: If you forget to select to “skip this month” or don’t choose your outfit, you will be charged $49.95 on your credit card. This amount will become a Fabletics credit on your account which you can redeem towards future outfit purchases.

Which Membership is Right for Me? 

These Salar Crop yoga capris in Tribal Geo Print make me happy just by looking at them!

The standard membership is an option  if you don’t want to buy an outfit every month and worry about forgetting to skip the month and then being billed.

However, the standard membership has its drawbacks. If you chose the standard Fabletics membership, you’re actually overpaying the outfits. For example, a typical 2-3 piece outfit will cost you $100 if you’re on the standard Fabletics membership, but the same outfit will only cost you $49.95 if you’re a VIP member. 

VIP members save money by getting deals and free shipping (some exemptions apply depending where you live so double-check).

*TIP: To get the most of out Fabletics, my suggestion for you is to sign up for the VIP membership even if you don’t intend to buy every month. Just make sure to look out for monthly e-mail and if nothing interests you, simply log in to your account and “skip the month”.

Remember, even if you accidentally forget and get charged, the amount turns into Fabletics credits.  

How to Cancel Fabletics?

You can cancel your VIP membership anytime via phone only. When cancelling with customer service expect to be offered some deals and discounts.

Fabletics Quality Reviews 

There are mixed views about this. Some say that the quality varies and is mediocre depending the piece, while others say that the quality is comparable to high-end brand Lululemon.

As a Fabletics VIP member, a 49.95$ 3-piece outfit comes down to $16 per piece,  while a  2- piece outfit for the same price comes down to $25 per piece. In either case, you’re definitely getting value for what you’re paying for as a Fabletics VIP member in comparison to the standard membership.

*TIP: Fabletics also sells accessories like water bottles, gym bags, bags for yoga mats so you’ll be sure to have everything you need, all in one place, to start and continue your yogi lifestyle.

Fabletics Sizing

Fabletics caters to all shapes and sizes, but in doing my research for you,  I discovered that there are mixed views about the sizing and fit of their clothes.

Some reviewers with fit bodies found that sometimes the sizes run small, but when I checked out Fabletics plus sizes reviews, plus sized women were happy about the fit and found them comfortable.

*TIP: For correct sizing when you’re picking your desired outfits, be sure to read the Fit Surveys and consult the Fabletics Size Guide. It’s much more helpful than other size guides I’ve seen so far as it actually explains HOW to measure yourself!

Fabletics Complaints

Kate Hudson looking fab with Fabletics!

The Fabletics has over 5 million members signed up. Quite an impressive number. 

Because a company serves that many people, you’re bound to find some complaints.

When reading the complaints, the type I’ve seen the most are from people who have NOT  actually read and understood the terms about how Fabletics works, even though the company  makes it very clear on the website.

Another frequent complaint is that new collections get out of stock quickly and Fabletics unfortunately doesn’t restock them. If you have your eyes set on purchasing a particular outfit from a new collection, then I recommend you act very quickly!

As for their customer service, there are mixed views. Some say that they got their issues resolved easily while others say it was a pain in the butt.

To Recap:

Standard Fabletics membership

  • No commitment
  • You’re overpaying the outfits; expect to pay $100 or more
  • Good if you’re only looking to purchase outfits or accessories sparingly

Fabletics VIP membership

  • You can skip a month, without charge, as long as you log in and select “skip a month” between the 1st-5th of every month
  • Prices for outfits start at $49.95
  • Free shipping *depending where you live
  • Great money-saving option if you’re on a weight loss program and you will need to replace your workout clothes every couple of months
  • Great money-saving option to get your outfits as rewards for achieving your goals

The Verdict: To join or not to join Fabletics?

Joining Fabletics as a standard or VIP member is definitely something to consider if you’re craving trendy outfits for your yoga classes, but the high price tag from other brands makes you cringe. Seriously, getting a 2-3 piece outfit for $49.95 as a VIP is a steal if you ask me!

While being VIP member is a commitment, you still have the freedom to decide to “skip a month” as many times as you want for free without being charged, as long as you take the responsibility of logging into your account between the 1st-5th every month and selecting that option.

Fabletics is also a stress reducer and time-saver for those who are new to yoga and working out and are unsure how to pair yoga clothing and workout outfits.

And seriously ladies, who doesn’t get that extra motivation to do more yoga or workout when you look oh-so-cute when wearing Fabletics clothing?

=>To sign up for your free account, click here to start your lifestyle quiz to personalize your outfits<=fabletics-demi-lovato

Will you be joining Fabletics? Which membership will be choosing? Are you already a member? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience with Fabletics.

Leave a comment or question below.

PS: I respond to all comments.

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  1. David Donahue David Donahue

    Great outfits! I like the concept of paying a monthly service but not sure if that’s a bit high per month. I think this would work for someone who loves to shop but being a male I don’t know if I could see it for myself. But, if you like to buy say an outfit a month and would buy them at a brick and mortar I think it would be a deal. The outfits look exceptional and I like the fact you can buy other assesories. Great review!

    • Hi David! Thanks for stopping by. If you compare the prices with high-end brands, Fabletics really gives you more bang for your buck and good quality too. One Lululemon top is around $58 and a pair of legging starts at 98$, but at Fabletics as a VIP member you can get the top and bottom for a total of $49.95.

      Good news for you: they actually do have men’s yoga clothing! It’s called FL2 and you can check it out here.

  2. Brent Brent

    Any reason to look at Kate Hudson-Especially in yoga clothes is fine with me. I had not heard of this service and it is that big already? That is pretty incredible. Definitely a big hit and success. This looks like an awesome deal. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Timotheus Lee Timotheus Lee

    Interesting! Didn’t know about this. Thanks for a very useful and in-depth post about this. I will share it with my friends.

    • Thanks for reading and sharing!

  4. matts mom matts mom

    I have seen the commercials for Fabletics. They look awesome and I have been wanting to get on the computer and give them a try. That was going to be my first concern, sizing. I hate buying things online and then having to return them. I do look at what others say about the sizing, and that does help tremendously. Thank you for sharing this great information. I did not know you had to have a membership to buy from them. So I will have to do some more investigating.

    • You’re welcome. Yeah I don’t like returning things either (who does, right?) but at least they have those Fit Surveys with feedback from people.

  5. Tar Tar

    Hello there,

    Sorry for not providing my experience or responding as to whether I should join, but as a guy, I think I would recommend to my sister and my lady friends whom I know are into spinning which is a trend here. I wonder if Kate Hudson is one of the reasons people signed up. With her well renowned status.

    • Vanessa Vanessa

      Hi Tar. I’m glad you brought this point up. Using celebrities in advertising and marketing campaigns is quite common because it’s so effective. But I think what makes Fabletics special is that unlike many other celebrities who aren’t actually involved with the brand, Kate Hudson is actually the co-founder of Fabletics.

      I’ve read somewhere that she says that one the many reasons why she wanted to create Fabletics is so that people can get inspired and motivated to work out in designer-like clothing but without the high price tag that comes along with it.

  6. Danatus Danatus

    Hi, great website. I really like the layout and the ease of navigation. I actually have 2 questions. First, what would you recommend for a 20-year-old girl? Mainly a gift for my sister. And second, I’m a 6 foot 5 262 pound gym rat with horrible flexibility, how would you recommend starting yoga? Just looking for advice.

    • Vanessa Vanessa

      I assume that your sister likes and practices yoga. Perhaps you can get her a fancy yoga towel. The Manduka Yogitoes non-slip yoga towels have really gorgeous designs and they’re eco-friendly. You can check them out here.

      Once you start yoga, you will develop flexibility through time and especially if you practice 3 times a week. You can start with Hatha Yoga or Restorative Yoga for muscle recovery. I hope this helps.

  7. Merry Merry

    Thank you, Vanessa, for such a detailed review. I thought the Fabletics line was/is gorgeous but hesitated because of the monthly orders. Now I know thanks to you, this can be changed out and often. Also nice to see that some of the outfits have quality that matches Lulu.

  8. Kayla Kayla

    Wow! I have heard of Fabletics before but I didn’t realize that there was a membership setup. I also didn’t realize so many people were wearing them. I’m wondering how often are new designs added? Would you say every month? Also how worth it do you think it is for men to get a membership!

    • Kayla Kayla

      Also, I wanted to add that this is a great site!! I’m almost due with a little girl so I’m hoping to get back to looking like Kate Hudson looks in her clothes lol. I think these workout clothes look great.

      • Thank you for the PS! I’m sure you will with your enthusiasm! How about you try Power Yoga? That will get you back in shape in no time!

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