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My Personal Experience With The Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Towel

best-hot-yoga-towelI don’t know about you but even though it’s been 5 years that I’ve been practicing yoga, my mind still wanders from time to time during yoga. But you know what? Almost every day for the past 2 weeks in my hot yoga classes (I’m on a hot yoga kick right now), I’ve been more mindful and more present in class.

And my secret is this: I’ve been using Manduka’s Yogitoes yoga mat towel for every…single… class.

More Focus on the Mat

Up until recently, I’ve mostly practiced hot yoga with a regular cotton towel over my yoga mat. And let me tell you, this seriously took away from the experience as I was frequently distracted because the towel would be bunching up uncomfortably and moving around. While my yoga mat is ok for regular yoga, it’s a slip and slide fiasco if I don’t use anything over it.  So yeah, I really needed to get a high quality performance yoga mat towel if I wanted to get the most of out my hot yoga practice.  

Now with the Yogitoes by my side, I’m no longer dealing with these issues. It’s almost like a past life. Thanks to Yogitoes’ groundbreaking Skidless Technology, I find that the more I sweat onto the towel, the better I perform on the mat.

For the past couple of classes, I’ve actually started off my hot yoga practice by slightly dampening the towel for extra grip and I like the way it feels on my hands and feet. It’s kind of refreshing actually.

More Inspiration

I know this will sound a little silly with what I’ll be sharing next,  but whenever I do postures like the forward fold where I gaze on my mat and relax, I can’t help myself but be in total absolute awe of the beauty of my Yogitoes towel.  

The Ganesh’s eyes, the fine details (like the squiggly lines and triangular shapes) and the gradient colors on this towel have this hypnotizing yet calming effect on me. I’m not thinking about my worries, what I’m going to be doing after class and etc. I appreciate the Ganesh’s beauty, I move and breathe deeply, and I feel something spiritual happening inside my body. I feel empowered too.yogitoes-skidless-towels

And that was the reason why out of all the other beautiful Yogitoes towels I’ve seen, I really, really  wanted this one. 

Side note: While this yoga mat towel is called the Stability towel on the Manduka website, when I received my package it actually said on the packaging that this towel is called the Ganesh towel. I’m not sure why this is.

The Meaning Behind the Ganesh

I was wondering why I felt so much affinity to the Ganesh elephant so I did some research.

What I found was that in Hinduism and Buddhism, the elephant is a powerful role model for a spiritual lifestyle.

In Hinduism, the Ganesh (or Ganesha) is a very popular deity. Its elephant head symbolizes great intellect and wisdom and he is known to be the placer and remover of obstacles in life.

In Buddhism, the elephant symbolizes mental strength who can overcome all obstacles that’s set on its path while in Thai and Burmese cultures the white elephant symbolizes royalty and a symbol of good luck.

The mythic story of the Ganesh is fascinating and when practicing yoga, like the elephant, I feel unstoppable and strong in facing life’s challenges.

My Hot Yoga Practice Will Never Be the Same Again!

So the hype surrounding Yogitoes is real! manduka-yogitoes

I seriously cannot imagine doing hot yoga without this towel and Manduka is right on point when they say that Yogitoes is a high performance yoga towel because you sure do perform all right!

I really love the fact that unlike cotton towels, this absorbs sweat so well. When I don’t purposely dampen the towel at the beginning of the class, sometimes I even wonder if I did sweat at all. The experience with this towel is just so different than I was used before. I cringe when I think about how gross and soaked with sweat my regular towel and yoga mat were before I started using the Yogitoes towel. Cleaning up my mat would take a while too.

Oh and what’s also important is that this towel doesn’t stink with sweat like the hot yoga towel I rented from the studio!

Some Concerns manduka-yogitoes-skidless-yoga-towel

After doing my research and reading many raving reviews about the Yogitoes towel I still had some concerns.

One is that the Yogitoes is made with microfiber fabrics. First off, I really can’t stand the feel of microfiber and secondly I also get fabric burn on my hands when I use microfiber towels. But there’s no problem here. The fabric’s texture is pleasant to the touch both dry and damp (although I do prefer the towel’s texture when it’s slightly damp).

My other concern was how the silicone nubs will stand frequent washes in the washing machine. Well Manduka certainly knew what they were doing when they were designing this towel: the silicone nubs are sewed into the fabric so they won’t ever peel off!

Because the dyes are made with natural dyes, you might experience dye loss in the wash. However, the design has not faded any one bit so I don’t think it’s happening (although I’m still going to continue washing this separately just in case).

Also when  I machine wash the towel late at night and hang it to air dry in my bathroom overnight,  I can still make it to an early hot yoga class with a dry Yogitoes towel on hand.

Final Thoughts 

I think that the Yogitoes yoga mat towel is great to use over a yoga mat. So if you have a crappy mat that you don’t want to replace yet; you rent your mat at the studio and are concerned about hygiene; or you have a good mat that you invested in but it’s made of questionable materials and you want to protect yourself, just throw in the towel on top of it!

=>For more information about the specs and commonly asked questions about the Yogitoes skidless yoga towel, check out my product review here <=

So if you’re a heavy sweater, you practice Hot Yoga or other vigorous styles of yoga (ie. Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga), I highly recommend you enhance your yoga practice with the Manduka Yogitoes skidless yoga mat towel.

*Disclaimer: Manduka was kind enough to send me this towel for free upon my request. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

=>Check out the price of the Yogitoes Stability Towel at Manduka’s website<=


What do you think of the Yogitoes Towel? Do you see yourself using it? Leave a comment or question below.

PS: I respond to all comments.

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  1. Penny Penny

    I have to agree with you – that’s a really gorgeous towel! Words I never thought I would say 🙂 And sweating and slippage during yoga is a huge issue for me, so I’m grateful for the recommendation. Do you know if they offer any other designs or deities?

    • Lol I know, right? I can’t believe a towel can get me this excited and make me want to practice yoga even more!

      At this moment, I don’t see any Yogitoes with deity designs but the closest spiritual design I found is the Yogitoes Chakra Print Towel which you can get for a great deal at on or on their website.

  2. Brian McCoy Brian McCoy

    Hi Vanessa –
    Great Article – My wife is hits the Yoga Studio, while I workout in my home gym. I was looking for the perfect gift and I think I just found it.
    Thanks for a great gift idea!
    Have a great day – Brian

    • Your welcome! I’m sure your wife will love her new Yogitoes yoga towel!

  3. Susie Susie

    That Ganesh is beautiful. I can see why it would be a powerful focal point during your practice. How do you think it would hold up during beach yoga? I don’t get to go as often as I would like, so I usually just take a beach towel (after one unfortunate lesson learned with my regular mat!) I hate the feel of my towel under my hands and feet and have tried almost every different one I own, but the loops feel so big I’m like the princess and the pea.

  4. Kate Kate

    I have the exact same issue when I’m in a class at the gym which is- towel management. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I can’t stand it when my towel bunches up. It is very distracting! Thanks for such an indepth review. It’s just a bonus that this mat is absolutely gorgeous too! I’m loving the zen vibes.

    • You’re welcome. 🙂 We do yoga and workouts on our mats to just that, not to constantly fix up our bunched up towels.

  5. Danelle Danelle

    This is very interesting, I just started doing hot yoga (which I love) but found it a little distracting when my hands and feet would slip once they became sweaty. I never knew this towel existed so I will have to check it out. Do you have any suggestions for yoga mats that you like? I just have a cheap one but wonder if a more expensive one would actually make a difference. Thanks!

    • Vanessa Vanessa

      Hey Danelle. With yoga mats you get what you pay for. Cheap mats from my experience tend to deteriorate quickly which sucks for your wallet and isn’t great for the environment as it will just end up in landfill quickly.

      To answer your question, I recommend going with Manduka as they make some of the best yoga mats in the market and they offer a lifetime guarantee for certain models. For Hot Yoga you can try the Manduka eKO Lite or the original eKO mat (though it is a little heavy but not a problem if you will be driving to the studio or practicing at home).

      I will be writing a series of Manduka mat product reviews in future posts so stay tuned by subscribing to my newsletter if you don’t want to miss these reviews.

  6. Louise Louise

    I am a big hot yoga fan so this was a great post to read! I have never thought about dampening my mat before class before. I will have to give that a try.

    I usually use a synthetic towel on top of my mat with grips but I find I get hot on it! What material is this towel made from?

    I agree, the towel is beautiful 🙂


    • Vanessa Vanessa

      Hey Louise. The Yogitoes Towel is made out of 8 recycled plastic bottles. Can you believe that?!

      To be more specific, the recycled and proprietary microfiber material this yoga mat towel is made of is 10% nylon, 50% recycled polyester, and 40% virgin polyester microfiber. Last but not least the skidless dots are made of 100% silicone.

      Yikes! There was typo in my article which I fixed. I dampen the yogitoes towel before yoga class NOT the mat. If I did pour water over my mat I would not be able to do hot yoga at all!

  7. Joanne Hakaraia Joanne Hakaraia

    This towel is absolutely gorgeous! Even before your in depth review explained the functionality of it, I was a fan!
    Yogitoes definitely pay great attention to detail – gotta love that the silicone nubs are screwed into the fabric, I could imagine getting very frustrated with them rubbing off.
    This is definitely on my gift list. Thanks for the great review.

    • Vanessa Vanessa

      You’re welcome Joanne. I’m glad you enjoyed this review.

  8. Eric Cantu Eric Cantu

    That is some really cool insight that by putting the Ganesh on the mat itself it is a constant reminder of why you’re there and forces you to focus. I like that.

    Nice post!

  9. Heather Heather

    I really love those towels! They are so cute and zen like, perfect for yoga. I really liked your article and the mat that reviewed looks like it is very nice too. I really like your site, it has a lot of cool information. I plan to bookmark it and check back in from time to time.

    • Vanessa Vanessa

      Hi Heather. I’m glad you enjoy my blog and see value in my content. I’m not sure which yoga mat review you are referring to as I have several yoga mat reviews. Can you clarify which one? :/

  10. Suzanne Suzanne

    Hi Vanessa. Thanks for your thorough review of this towel. Though I’m not a yoga enthusiast, I have done yoga and agree that the towel bunching up is really frustrating. I do more strength training and HIT videos and I’m hoping this towel will be just as effective for this. Having something that stays put during an exercise session would be fantastic. Thanks!!

  11. Paul Paul

    Great post, Vanessa, on the “Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Towel”.

    Even though I am not a yoga practitioner, it’s easy for me to understand the value of having the right equipment when exercising.

    What type of detergents or soaps do you use with your water to clean this towel?

    What are the benefits of “hot yoga”?

    Do you recommend “hot yoga” for beginners or is this for the more advanced students?

    Thanks. I look forward to your answers.


  12. Jude Banks Jude Banks

    Hello Vanessa,

    I’ve dropped in to thank you for the information about your experience with using the Yogitoes towel. I also enjoyed reading about the meaning behind the Ganesh – so inspiring.

    I was thinking of replacing my old mat, but using the towel over my mat is a great idea. It’s a beauty! ~Jude

    • You’re welcome Jude. This towel certainly is very special. For their Fall 2017 collection, I saw Manduka release aa Buddha print towel with empowering messages on it. It’s the Grace Yogitoes Towel. What do you think of it? There’s also the Valor Yogitoes Towel which I think looks quite intense.

      • Jude Banks Jude Banks

        I see what you mean about the intensity of the Valor Yogitoes Towel. I think it lives up to its name ‘valor’. This is a great towel for anyone seeking to gain courage to do something. It has a powerful feeling of “I can do this”.

        The Grace towel inspires calmness and clarity. Love the way they create and name these towels to appeal to what a user might need at a particular stage in their life. ~Jude

      • I agree with you. I also see these towels as a means of self-expression.

  13. Niko Niko

    Funny, I feel like mine slips a bit more than a regular mat…only tried it on my uneven planked wooden floor at home so far!

    • Vanessa Vanessa

      Hey Niko! That’s interesting. Has your yoga mat been deep cleaned recently? Maybe the towel will stick better then. Or perhaps you got a dud? Perhaps Manduka can send you a replacement if you contact them. Did it you buy the towel from them directly?

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